Friday, May 23, 2008

King of the Roost

Good Ol' Fancy Pants!
"Faithful are the wounds of a friend..."
I know I may be taking that Proverb out of context, but it kinda fits!

Here he is in molt last winter - not looking his absolute best,but still a dapper fellow:-)

Fancy Pants was a fancy breed of chicke
n that came into our lives as a chick, parcel post.
His first home was a brooder on our front porch.

After he lost all his room mates to a terrible disaster, and it became clear that he was a "he", we hoped that he would be a nice friendly "he" since there were no "she's" around to defend.

Over time we had to admit that "he was not a tame rooster" (to borrow some of C.S Lewis's colorful description).

No indeed!

In the time Fancy was part of our family he was our only "pet", completely self-maintaining, a thoroughly self-sufficient fellow.

We generally referred to Fancy Pants as "cocky", and now we understand fully where that term originated!

Over the course of his life he drew blood from each of my children, and numerous other hapless folks.
He didn't discriminate between friend or foe!

Fancy is a legend in our home.
It was he who afforded my boys an opportunity to become men, practiced in the art of chivalry.

They got to be wonderful defender's of their sisters, rushing to the aid of such screaming damsels in distress!

Just writing this post makes me think of many, many stories of great feats, and daring acts.

Daddy Bug always said he didn't want to stew that cocky fellow, because he was the best practice for a bully that our boys could have on our own terms!

He was right of course.

After a good hour-long chase around the yard being pelted with rocks and beaten with sticks, Fancy's ego would be substantially subdued - perhaps for only a few days, but the boys seemed to be able to put him back in his place when he'd assert his pride.

Amazingly Fancy managed to rule the roost (even more beautiful and cocky than ever) while we have been gone these six months.
Alas when my fellows went home to pack up our house last week, he was nowhere to be seen.

We suspect he came to the end that was inevitable
Strangers, neighbors, even friends (to say nothing of prospective buyers of the farm!) aren't as tolerant as we -his generous and beloved family.

I was glad we didn't have to figure out what to do with him. It is sad to consider him as a remedy for a cold!

Daddy Bug, however was disheartened not have seen him one last time... such dear memories he gave us!

When I was out shopping the other day and I found this:

I impulsively splurged without turning back.
I knew I'd regret it if I didn't buy this amazing life size look-a-like!
It SO looks like Fancy! Daddy Bug doesn't know about him yet, and I'm pretty sure he doesn't read my blog, so he'll get a chuckle when he gets home next week!
I'm tickled!

We will always remember Fancy Pants with smiles and great fondness :-)


2homeschool said...

My hat is off and a moment of silence for Mr. Fancy Pants.

He shall be remembered with frightning fondness. :-)

Yes I am aware of the time.

Good night. =-)

Faith Alterton said...

What is it about chickens that can be so endearing? We had our "Beautiful Charity Chicken" that had been mangled to well - not beauty - by the dogs but recovered and went on to be beloved for years and years. So fun. Love the chicken statue!

Momma Bug said...

You don't think it's and idol, do you?