Friday, April 3, 2009

How Come No One Told Me?


I read the pregnancy books.

I threw them out after my first was born.

There are still things I refer to in books, but usually leaning toward baby names (although the list doesn't seem to have changed every time I check) and not so much toward the "how many pounds you should expect to gain" books. I have enough experience at this point to know how many pounds I should expect to gain;-)

You know... there are a LOT of things those pregnancy books don't tell you. Like how important chocolate and coffee are to the growth of your... um... morale! And any woman who's been pregnant will readily agree how important it is to measure the growth of your joy!!

I am not an avid coffee drinker, but I have been known to rely on a jolt of caffeine now and again (such as while cooking dinner with little ones under foot. Caffeine is more desirable than toothpicks to keep your eyelids open) but chocolate, (Safeway Rocky Road ice cream specifically) now that is a staple of an Analene pregnancy (hence the desire to steer clear of pound-counting literature)!

So far my children's brains seem to be fairly normal and the rest of their functions... function. So I assume that a certain amount of chocolate and coffee is probably good for the baby as well.
You know what they say "Whatever makes momma happy, makes the whole family happier!"
(or something like that)


Diane said...

I ate some noodles in a mug today and thought "hmm. wonder if Analene has had her ice cream in a mug recently?" I think you answered my question!


Momma Bug said...

Yep! Kinda like ice in water, eh?

Jana said...

Can't remember if I told you this...but it's worth a chuckle.

My "all-knowing" pregnancy books said pregnant mamas should avoid caffeine because it could lead to "small head size." (First of all, the obvious thought of most women is..."and why is that a bad thing?") After hearing this "fact," My mom said she drank a cup of coffee (or more!) a day with me, and it's a good thing she did, or else I'd have a giant head! :)

Shauna said...

That's one problem with living where I do. You have to plan for cravings in advance. Somehow, those cravings aren't ever at the forefront of my mind while I'm at the grocery store, but come about ten o'clock at night, and they're in full swing. "honey, would you run and get me some icecream" doesn't work so well when the closest open store is an hour and a half away! Next pregnancy I'll just have to stock up.

Momma Bug said...

I'll remember that about head size, but do you think perhaps that what was meant was BRAIN size? Because if so, I don't feel I should compromise the little we have going for us;-)

Shauna, I fell it is of utmost importance, and our responsibility really, as good stewards to stock up when ever we can. On ice cream especially!
The last couple pregnancies in Los Mo, AJ made fun of me mercilessly upon going out to the bart to fetch something out of the chest freezer and discovering my stash of five or six cartons of Safeway Rocky Road ice cream! Little does he appreciate just how much money I saved him by planning ahead!!!!!

Diane said...

Exactly Analene, Exactly...LOTS of

beansntatersmama said...


princessmama said...

Hear, Hear!! LOL