Wednesday, September 9, 2009

"And she pondered these things in her heart..."

For future reflection and the record of this pregnancy with little bug number 6, let it be known that in the last week I have had TWO more women come up to me and tell me how lucky I am!

One was a mother of eight - all over the age of 21; and the other was a woman with three children who told me with a wistful voice that she had always wanted six, but the doctors told her she could die.

I don't know what that meant exactly (and I didn't ask), but I know it is a real consideration for some, and also a regular concern offered by well-meaning doctors. Regardless, it was an incredible blessing to be on the receiving end of their kind remarks.

38 weeks today!
Yipee!! I felt pretty good today, but I am getting to the part where I feel I need to shield my belly sticking way out into the world where it may at any time be bumped by careless shoppers, climbing chilluns, or... a wall (darn walls! Why do they stick out and get me like that?!).

I have been occasionally eying the ticker on the side of my blog and am thoroughly impressed that it seems to know the exact SECOND I will be delivering: 14 days, 0 hours, 38 minutes and 4 seconds...

If I believed it to be telling me the whole truth and nothing but the truth, I would certainly make a more detailed plan for where the children will be at that very moment, and what time I will call the midwives, make sure I got in some Rocky Road ice cream beforehand etc.
Plus I wouldn't worry so much about getting a name nailed down this week, or a place for the baby where he/she won't be stepped on when not in my arms. (small details)

The above pictures are of my Bugs helping open a baby gift from AJ's dear Boss and Mrs. Boss (I bet "Boss" didn't do the shopping, but that doesn't matter so much if a fella has good taste in picking a shopper;-)).
We had such FUN opening this generous present and thinking of our sweet little baby using each item. It's a joy to have tangible things to look at which remind me this is not a dream.

I was getting ribbed by a friend of mine, about what I have to look forward to in getting this baby "out".
I have not been dwelling on that. I've been successful five times before, so I imagine I'll get on the other side of it this time too. Since that's the case, I can hardly wait to get on with it so I can meet this little one!!
My eyes rest on the goal:-)

Thanks for your prayers dear ones! I have reaped the blessing of them.


Xenia Kathryn said...

What a great post! Glad you're doing well :) Can't wait to "see" the new baby, too! Take care!

(Thanks for stopping by my blog the other day! It was great to recieve your comment. I'm hoping to put up an "art blog" soon with more of my doodles. I'd love to see your stuff sometime, too!)

Diane said...

I as well can't wait to meet this new little bug and see pictures soon! Oh my what a joy!

Praying for you as the arrival approches. Love ya sis.

Ashley said...

Can't wait to see the new buglette! And, find out what he/she is, so I can send some goodies your way. :) I find myself getting more excited for you each day. I suppose seeing pictures of your baby with help the last few months of my mom's pregnancy to go faster. ;) Maybe...

Lady Jess said...

Awwww! LOL about the ticker. I am glad that the prayers have reached you. ;) Can't wait to meet the little bug!