Sunday, September 6, 2009

A Recounting of the Birthday Celebrations

AJ's birthday was very nice and I would be willing to celebrate the same way next year (except without being eight and a half months pregnant, perhaps).

The children made and gave him all kinds of wonderful treasures: Popsicle stick cabins, drawings, and bugs they had "fossilized" themselves (if you must ask, that means they killed them first {at my request} and then covered them in hot glue) Rather creative, don't you think?

Then the Smiths arrived...

Mrs' Smith and I took off to celebrate her birthday (which was the day before) by eating a quiet lunch out, getting frappucinos, and shopping at the outlets all while entrusting ten children to the two dads.
WE had a wonderful time carrying armloads of stuff through the stores planning to buy, and then leaving the stores empty-handed. It's therapeutic to know you CAN buy something, and then choose NOT to;-)
When we got back it was clear that the fellas had been subdued by the children, though happily only one window was broken. I'd say that's what you could expect with five rowdy big boys, but... it was a sweet little girl who pitched the rock with some amount of force and direction! ;-D

THAT'S why Mrs. Smith and I stayed out ALL day. We knew it was unlikely that we'd escape that way any time after this opportunity!
Speaking of escaping... you should have seen the men - including Uncle Wyatt - run for their lives once we got there. I just hoped and prayed that it wouldn't be days later that they returned from the video store!!

Truly though, we had a blast. We put children to bed, had our cake, and watched a movie. It was a slumber party for grown-ups! Mr. and Mrs. Smith spent the night and we enjoyed breakfast and church together this morning.

In answer to your question, the spindle on the banister isn't fixed yet; but that's okay. There's now a number of things that we need to, uh... repair in Uncle Wyatt's home. The list seems to be growing:-} Who's crazy kids are these anyway?!!

It was a fun day. Lots of special memories; and some amount of need to recover (right Mr. and Mrs. Smith?). But not too soon...
We're going to party again tomorrow.
At THEIR house!!!

Yeeee- haw!


Shauna said...

People comment all the time about how thankful I must be to have girls because "they're so calm and quiet". I just smile serenely and think I am thankful to have girls, but I'd better have different reasons than the ones they're giving me to be so. My friends here with boys tell me my girls make their boys look lethargic! I'm not surprized it was a girl who broke the window - at least it's not winter yet!

Momma Bug said...

Yes. Girls can trick you by their lovely charms and winsome smiles ;-)

princessmama said...

Hahahahaha!!! The dear men around here run for their lives too, if they get left with the kiddos for too long.

Sounds like a fun party:)