Saturday, September 5, 2009

Reflections of a Grateful Woman...

It's my personal opinion that people should be sleeping at 4:30 in the morning. And if "people" don't all agree that's their prerogative; at least I should be sleeping at 4:30 in the morning!

The back spasms that got me to hoist myself out of bed are ailments of the common kind. Rather than complain, I will choose to thank the Lord for what these aches indicate: a precious little life soon to be held in my very own arms (even if yet weeks away).
WOW! How great is that!!

Now that I ate my PBJ sandwich so I could take some Ibuprofen... the baby is awake and rather - er... active :-} I could be up a little longer:-)

Since I'm up though...

Happy Birthday dearest of Husbands!!!

Thank you for choosing me. What a wonderful, delicious, precious, amazing life we've had the privilege to share! You are the best I've met, and I'm so thankful your mine:-)
The Lord has been very gracious to me through you. His love ever more abundantly clear through your gentle leading and protection of me.
I love you!

Dear Mom, Thank you for being woke up at nights with back spasms;-) in order to bring this precious life into the world oh some few years ago:-)
How could you have seen what his life would be. How he would choose to honor the Lord God through faithful seeking and proclaiming of truth and righteousness? How he would turn from a baby to a boy, to a man?
Thank you and Dad too, for faithfully pouring into him. For honoring the Lord, for obeying Him, and for pouring in everything you believed right and important. I am so grateful for just the parents he needed to help him become the man he is today.
Because of you, I am among woman the most richly blessed, and living in daily wonder at the Lord's goodness to me!

What a day to reflect. I am so very grateful for you Adam-Jon.

Happy Birthday sweetheart!

(This tub, bought and paid for with the purchase of Marvel Hill, is fodder for the dreams of a visionary:-))


Lady Jess said...

Awwwww! Happy Birthday, Pappa Bug! Or is it Daddy Bug? Maybe Mr. Bug? Oh, well! Anyways, happy birthday ^_^!

Sarah said...

Happy Birthday Poppa!!!

ps- Analene, you take Ibu during pregnancy? Thats the one thing your "not supposed to do" that irritates me so during the 36 weeks you typically have knowledge of the growning bean. I try my hardest but Ibu works so well. Its nice to hear other mommas break the "rules".

Jess said...

Hang in there lovey, happy birthday Papa Bug. Freaky coincidence - your your Beloved's middle name is MY Beloved's first name - true story.

Diane said...

Happy Birthday AJ! What a wonderful guy you are and what a sweet wife you have! Hope you have an amazing year.

2homeschool said...

Happy Birthday AJ.

Thinkin of you Lene.