Friday, September 11, 2009

An Installment of "Fried Egg Friday"

We invented Fried Egg Friday last year to be a different day of the week - a little more fun than the rest.
I admit that we haven't kept it up as a weekly ritual, but when we can we stir things up on Friday; called "Fried Egg..." because Clayton pronounced that we "should eat fried eggs on Friday because they both start with fri" How can you argue with sense like that?

Today we DID eat fried eggs sandwiched in between biscuits, and then I initiated my children to the wonderful world of yard sale adventuring.

It is simply amazing how people think their cast-offs are worth the big bucks. Smackeroos. Moo-la.
I consider bargains to be 50 cents for this and 25 cents for that with the occasional dollar fifty, or 10 center.
I had a list with me of things I want to buy, and only found a couple piddly items on my list, but the children?

The children hit the jackpot today! (It made their initiation that much better, and I expect they'll be willing to go with me again;-))

First off, I only spent four dollars or so on all the little things I found: tights for the girls, flower pot, and antique print, bowl, and three or so other things including this 10 cent princess dress-up for Olivia (so there really ARE 10 cent bargains out there if you're lucky!).

Another bargain (one of the funnest, in my opinion) was a box of plastic Easter Eggs that Susanna scored for free.
Now, you have to first understand that Susanna has been requesting plastic Easter Eggs for her upcoming birthday. I have explained to her that it might be hard to find that item at this time of year, so we were delighted to discover this box just now.
I asked the lady how much for the eggs and she said "I really didn't know how I'd get rid of those, please take the box full!"

And so off went a happy Sue, carrying her loot. Yes. I know what that means for me: lots of plastic egg parts all over the house. We struck a deal though - she has to keep them in her room, and in the box at the end of the day or I throw away whatever I find.
But for now? It's hard to put a price tag on delight of this magnitude!

At another stop, we chose some children's books which the sweet woman there told us to take, she figures she'd be dumping them if someone didn't buy them anyway. A book there was Zachary's treasured find, and while I didn't take a picture of Clay, he came away with a stuffed bear (free again) which he is very proud of. He told me he is building up his collection so he will have stuffed animals to give to his children:-)

My all-time favorite find of the day was this globe.
Granted it may be a little outdated, but the continents are in the same place they were thirty years ago.

Drum roll please - my parents blood runs thick even in MY veins. I have a rich family heritage of dumpster divers (there really is such a term) and I found my globe - for free - sitting on a curb with someones trash. *Gasp!*

As you can see, it's a hit already!

And so.
It was a successful yard sale-ing venture IF you consider all the junk we got for free, any kind of sale... Those sale-ee's didn't make much more than six smiles off us today, but we thoroughly appreciated their generosity:-)


Sarah said...

Awesome FEF!!! I'm jealous! Our globe, which we desperately needed for 5th grade this year, cost us $15. Grr. Brooklyn loves it too though and knows all too well where Iraq is. She asked everyday the first 2 weeks it was in the house "where is uncle dot?" so now she knows...and now hes not there anymore.

Momma Bug said...

We really missed having ours here last year (didn't haul it to Colorado) too. The globe really makes geography fun, and it's true that it doesn't matter what age! The little ones get really good at pinpointing countries and continants!

Love your pictures of little Bell, Sarah:-)

Grace McHugh said...

I love how the children's imaginations just kick in whenever they see things like this. And the games they come up with when we get home.............all worth the 25 cents. :)

Ashley said...

Yard saleing is great! Looks like the kiddos got some great stuff. :)

princessmama said...

Too fun :) We had a great yard-saling adventure yesterday. The boys LOVE hunting for treasures. They got a lot for their quarters this time too.

Diane said...

Oh globes are so much fun! I just went to the fourth bday party for my friend's twin daughters and they got the globe they were requesting. Before the evens saw the actual globe, one of them could read the word and started yelling "a globe, a globe!" It was SO cute.

Personalized Sketches and Sentiments said...

First...Fried egg Friday! Your son and I have a connection..if you read some of my past posts...I have admitted and there's the fact that I LOVE alliteration. haha

Yard sales are fun...especially when you see how excited little ones are at finding their treasures with their own money :o)

When we had a yard sale at our place, my hubby happily handed stuff over for free...esp to the little shoppers :o)

Sounds like you all had a Fantastic Fried egg Friday!

Blessings & Aloha!