Friday, September 18, 2009

Dreaming of Our Baby Bug

Gramsie sent stuff for our baby.

Gramsie is always loving the new ones ahead of their arrival (and loving momma too!) so here is Carolina showing me (again) the darling two Jammie's she sent for "if it's a boy" and the sweet two Jammie's she sent for "if it's a girl".

Then there are the shoes...

Don't you know that every newborn needs a fancy-dancy pair of tiny shoes?
Well they do. At least in our family, and here Carolina models those too :-)

Amongst the pictures I didn't take but should have, is a perfectly lovely receiving blanket that Gramsie (AJ's mom) made for our little one. You will see it in later photos I'm sure, but it is wonderful!
She made it out of two flannels and crocheted an edge all around it. It's very sweet, and will be none too feminine if we have a boy:-)

I took a poll this evening, and discovered that most of us think BOY, and Susanna and Dad think GIRL. Uncle Wyatt wouldn't commit to a vote!

I hope we'll be knowing soon. I'm being so good and patient!


Anonymous said...

Oh, baby clothes! I am happy to be able to get all those cute girls clothes I see. Mom has 11 weeks left, but it seems like forever!

Hmm, I'm thinking baby bug will be a boy, but we shall see! Happy dreaming!


Diane said...

Hi Lene! Guess what? Both mom and I are voting GIRL. So, I hope we find out soon!

And, as soon as we find out, then I can start your baby gift! So, I can't wait to make something for you!

Love ya.

pam said...

I hope to be such a gramma as your children have!

Lady Jess said...

Oh, how very sweet! That was nice of her!

P.S. I really like the new header!