Thursday, September 3, 2009

Remind Me Again?

I think today was full of victories. I really think so. I think so. I think so...
However my inadequacies are facing me full in the face tonight. To be really fair, it's probably third trimester hormones. Yep. I'm pretty sure that's it.
I hope.

Actually what pushed me over the edge tonight was rough-housing children resulting in a broken banister rail. WHICH in turn means a gaping hole where small children could fall through. AND while daddy is not here to take over. To rescue them. Or me. Whoever needed rescuing anyhow.

I did not say much; I did not lecture (partially because I couldn't see straight there was was so much red - if you catch my drift), but I did bawl my eyes out after I sent them to bed (they HAD already received their broth and bread, so that was a non issue). Not sure if that helped any, but it had a bit of a cleansing effect - the cry ;-}

I was going to go shopping tomorrow.
With my friend.
Without little ones.
Just for fun.
While my Great Guy held down the fort.

But I think I have a new priority.
Fix the banister - whatever that means, whatever that takes, whatever else I must give up.
After all the work of being pregnant (no matter HOW MANY times) I'd hate to lose one of my children to falling through a broken second story railing.
That would REALLY put a crimp in things!


On a more upbeat note, Here is Miss Lina getting the hang of the walking thing in Idaho two weeks ago (or perhaps she is just getting hung onto by her sister?). Yeah! Who's doing the walking anyway?!!

And DO look Carrie (and tell your dear Mister for me):
Here she is today in Colorado. She loved the wide open carpeted space from the moment her bare little toes set foot on it; and now... she's off!!

Ah yes... now I remember some of those victories today. What a precious face, eh?
Life is good!


Jess said...

You just tell Patrice to head on back to Tasmania where she belongs! Wait, hang on, she's here. Great, the people in my head are omniscient :P I think we all have those days. Like when the two eldest nearly broke Christopher's fingers in the door after a PARTICULARLY long day in my third trimester. Yeah, I saw red and nearly talked blue!

Diane said...

Oh man...and yet you were still able to blog about it. Praying for you Analene...for more victories and no catastropies. Atleast there were no broken bones to go along with the broken banister.

Those videos are too cute. Perfect timing for Lina to get the hang of walking right before your next baby arrives! Atleast you have the older children to help run after your new little walker!

Love you and praying for you!

Grace McHugh said...

Praise the Lord! She is so adorable and to see her walking around is so sweet!

Ashley said...

Ah, she is simply adorable! I love those lips in the last video!!!

gramsie said...

Oh Yea!!! HOORAY!!! Finally & at last, real walking!! Congratulations Lina-Loo! Mind if I help myself to one of those kisses at the end of the video?


Lady Jess said...

Awwwww! Big sisters are great aren't they? Congratulations little one!

Carrie's Blog said...

Wahoo!!! She looks great!! I will show Scott when he comes home from FL Sunday. He will be thrilled, he was just asking about her. Hope to see you soon.

princessmama said...

Awww! Sweet kisses :) And great walking :D