Thursday, September 24, 2009

The Boy and His Admirers

This is me - today. I'm feeling quite a lot brighter!

These lovely cheerful flowers are from the kind folks at AJ's work; the squalling child - courtesy of yours truly :-)

I promise you, Bryce DOES open his eyes. In fact, he was awake for many of these pictures, but I guess he prefers to keep at the ready for a potential snooze.
I have to tell you that he has eyes for Zack especially. If his eyes are open they are sure to be on his big brother!

Clayton and I got out the tape measure tonight and determined that mister Bryce is 20 inches long; now we have only to verify his weight. I still hold to the 8 pounds and 3 or 4 ounces.
The little fella is a great eater though...


Sarah said...

Somebody get this lady a scale! Analene that baby is quite plump...hes a gorgeous chunky thing.

my word verification obless....o bless your dear family, bless bryce and more than anything bless you analene.

Momma Bug said...

Thanks Sarah! Perhaps you'd better make a guess, then if you're right I might have to owe you something nice:-)
At least the pleasure of being right!! ;-)

J said...

He is absolutely fabulous!!! You too, Momma Bug. Ah, yes I remember the sleeping on the couch days, when they sleep through anything and are small enough not not fall off! My fav is the one of you and him screaming, he is ADORABLE! Look at those little baby gums! I love you both!

Lady Jess said...
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Lady Jess said...

Awwww! How cute! So cool, he must admire his big bro already! What a great big bro. little bro. relationship! What nice flowers, that was sweet of them!

princessmama said...

He's absolutely beautiful!

I especially love the adoring looks on the faces of the big sibs

Diane said...

The pic of you and Bryce with the flowers made me smile! So glad you had a brighter day. You look radiant!

Keep the pictures coming!

Hey, did I tell you my "nephew" is named Bryce? He is 10 years old. His mama lived with us when she was pregnant with her first, who is now 13. So, now I will have two special "Bryces" in my life!

Love you sis,

Anonymous said...

He is a chunk! I'm guessing more like 9 lbs.? Love to you all!