Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Yikes! Boys - Sheesh!

Home from Church on Sunday, Daddy spots this guy in the middle of the driveway.
As he places the van in Park, Zachary flings open the sliding door, jumps out of the barely stopped vehicle, and beats dad to the chase.

Snatching up the (very long) slithering creature by it's tail, he proves he is a seasoned pro!

I looked at my husband with raised eyebrows "well? It seems that some of our training with that child has been successful!"

Zachary is all boy, but he is a fellow with fears that manifest themselves in a cloak of caution. Caution is good. Fear is debilitating.
As a wonderfully perceptive daddy, my Great Guy has been helping the children overcome their fears.
As a wise momma, I spend that time working very hard to keep my oar out ;-)

Daddy has been teaching the boys that man has dominion over all the beasts of the earth - God has given that privilege to man - even if the beasts have large teeth and claws (or are long, slithery, hissing...)

This Summer Zack was catching pint sized slitherers in Idaho on his very own initiative, but this particular Sunday my heart swelled with pride. He wrangled that big snake with no prompting. A snake longer that his own little self!
The boys know how to identify poisonous critters of the snaky variety, and this , we believe is a Bull snake, or Gopher snake.

I on the other hand, did not mind watching from the car ;-)


Lady Jess said...

hahaha What a brave little guy!

Faith Alterton said...

Great job, Zachary!

Hey, hard to tell from the picture, but that snake may have a cousin over in our terrarium. Any chance it might be a kingsnake? Ours is close to that size and color and I think they live in most of the US. Ugh. Even with the friendly snakes, I have a tough time not shuddering. :)

Jess said...

Where I live, all the snakes can kill you! So I had a moment of panic as the only way I will grab a snake by it's tail is if I have beheaded it first. Well done though, that is one big snake!

Momma Bug said...

I don't know for sure. I suppose it could be. The King Snakes we had in Los Molinos had black and white rings around them. Pretty, but very stinky snakes!

We looked up one like this last year and Bull snake is another name for a variety of Gopher snake.

I like King snakes though... they eat rattlers!