Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The Lord Listens Even to My Big Waaahh

Oh the joy of an air conditioning vent putting forth cool air!
When I saw this the other day...

...I thought:

"Well... I must face the truth. We really ARE rednecks."

If my children are this easily entertained by the virtues of modern convenience, life should be interesting for the next few months ahead immersed back into the city life.

Already I take the dishwasher for granted, but the air conditioning? No.

Today when I woke up it wasn't putting out that nice cool air.
I must have pushed every button and combination of buttons there are on the thermostat thingy, and to no avail. I watched the temp climb all day and I felt great pity for my pregnant self that here I am in civilization in a beautiful 5000 square foot house with an A/C unit that wont work!

Really, I did cry. it was very sad. I went into the bathroom, shut the door (the real reason for locks on bathroom doors - for the escape of desperate mommas), sat on the step stool by the sink and had a good cry.

Have you ever tried to have a good cry while explaining to God WHY you are justified in feeling so sorry for yourself?
I couldn't do that today.
I knew that any reason I could think of for deserving a cry was seriously lacking.

You know what though?
My dear Father is one who lets me climb up on His lap, lean my head against His heart, and cry.
Cry good and cry long without a reason; without justification; without needing to give me a pep talk.

He is so good to me.

I didn't try to have a reason today. He let me cry and that's all I needed.
He let me dry my eyes, and He let me carry on with my day in the knowledge that sometimes nothing needs to be said between us. He understands it all.

Can you tell that I'm gaining on the end of my pregnancy?
This is all part of the package - this crying for no reason business;-)

FYI, Uncle Wyatt was my hero tonight when he got home and found the problem with the A/C .
In short order I was blissfully standing over the vent myself!

Thanks Lord.
Thanks so very much!


petersonclan said...

I know what you mean... and you should know that I am probably crying with you. For no real reason than that something little seems important enough for crying.

Like STILL being pregnant. And you are well deserved to cry over no AC at the end of a pregnancy!

princessmama said...

Aww! Glad you got your ac back :) Our heavenly Father is soooo good to us, isn't He?

I have to tell a little story though, haha. I was whining a bit the other day; disguised as "God, please tell me what you think about x. I really need to hear it." And He just said "You already KNOW what I think about that" Me, "Uh, yeah, i do. I'll shut up now" :D

Momma Bug said...

That's often how it goes, isn't it?

Faith Alterton said...

Oh, I'm so glad you've had the sweet comments from strangers from the earlier post! Amazing what a blessing those can be on a hard day. This baby was our first where my Mom wasn't able to be here either, and I know what you mean about missing her. Will be keeping you all in my prayers as your little one gets ready to make an appearance!

Ashley said...

I don't think Lina Loo can get any cuter. :)