Wednesday, September 16, 2009

What is THIS?!!

Are you sure you want to ask?

The children were curious too and wanted to know WHY I was putting a toilet seat on a perfectly good chair. That brought up some interesting conversation!

I bet a few of you can guess;-)

This is my custom made birthing stool.
Technically I didn't make much of it, but I am proud of my handiness and ingenuity.
I bought this darling chair and a matching night stand while thrifting last week with Mrs Smith and ten children. I needed a night stand; and I intended to find a chair I could hack down for the birth stool purpose, but this one was sturdy and oh so cute! I couldn't bare to hack into it, so decided to make it work like this and recover and replace the seat after I'm done using it as a birthing stool.

I have used birthing stools a few times in the past (more along these lines) and I really like them. There are several reasons I like to use a chair of this sort during labor, but the main one is that I normally have pretty intense back labor.
If I am sitting up AJ is able to put downward pressure on my back where I need it, which greatly eases the pain.

Obviously this chair has a back so it will be interesting to see if it works well for this purpose, but perhaps I can turn around? I'll have to tell later if it was a success or not.
If not, no love lost - I still have a darling little chair for my bedroom.

And if all else fails?

We can use it like it is... in Idaho ;-D




Stephen said...

That is the prettiest birthing stool I have ever seen :) Love ya
Courtney ( aka Mrs. Smith)

J said...

Now that's the kind of furniture that will be in the family for generations! ;)

Momma Bug said...

If it is as serviceable as it is pretty!!

Grace McHugh said...

Beautiful and usable. Good eye Analene. :)