Wednesday, September 30, 2009

One Picture "To Die" For

Isn't that the most precious face EVER?!! No wonder I'm smooching on it :-)

My eight year old son Zachary took this perfectly wonderful picture of me and my littlest guy - no photo-shopping. He took a dozen and a half from which this one was pulled out being "the jewel", but I am just so pleased to have a personal photographer these days;-)
Thanks #1 son!!


J said...

Yes, it IS to die for! Those guys are getting handy to have around, yes?! And what a face that is, indeed! I can't wait to smooch my one of those! Delighful!

pam said...

How very sweet. Babies are such a blessing from God. He is so good to allow us to be stewards of these priceless little ones. How I daily fall short, and yet how He daily gives me grace.

Momma Bug said...

Dear Pam,



Grace McHugh said...

I cannot believe how much he has changed! A very tender picture and very smoochable cheeks. :)

Anonymous said...

Those cheeks! That downy mop of hair! Sooo precious! *Sigh* :-)

Our 2nd bear cub is due any day and that pic is gearing me up for some serious baby cuddles and cheek smooching. In fact, I think I'll go smooch the cub I have right now! ;-)

Momma Bug said...

So Momma Bear,
Are you going to start blogging again so I can keep up with YOUR beautiful growing den?

I hope you keep me posted on the arrival of your new little one!!


petersonclan said...

Yep, he's a pretty delightful little guy... I love all the hair!

gramsie said...

Great Job, Zachary! Can't wait to smooch ALL the rosey cheeks in that household myself :o)

Jess said...

Oh the kissy lips and the chipmunk cheeks - I am DYING for a newborn cuddle.

Diane said...

Great Job Photographer Zachary! Keep up the good work. Can't wait till I can see this new little one in person. Hopefully Momma will be willing to share by then! lol

Love you Lene!

princessmama said...

So beautiful! :)

Good job Zachary!

Anonymous said...

Dear Analene,

There currently is no blog. It is tempting because it's wonderful to keep up with Faith, other family (and now you!). But we treasure our privacy right now, so the blog will have to wait for a later date.

I will keep you updated on baby #2 though, and hopefully we can keep up through the blessing of mutual family (e-mail?)

Claire :-)

Momma Bug said...

I'll count on that Claire!


Molly said...

GREAT JOB ZACH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Dear Analene,

We welcomed our second precious son, Simeon Leroy, into the world on Tuesday, Oct. 6 at 2:56 AM :-)

He weighed in at 8lbs 2oz and 19.5" long. He has a gorgeous mop of hair and looks just like his Daddy and big brother (much to his Momma's delight!).:-)

Love, Claire

Momma Bug said...

Dear Claire!!!

AAAAACH!!! Congratulations to you!
Simeon Leroy - how perfect! (and how glad I am for you to be on the other side) ;-)

I rejoice with you and can't wait to meet you and "the boys" in person.

All my heart and hugs,