Sunday, September 27, 2009

A Little Girl Turns Five Today

This box is from Gramsie and Pops. Sue told me she was kissing it yesterday... I would have liked to have the camera handy for that!

It was the first thing she wanted to explore this morning, and had lots of help cutting tape and such:-)

Gramsie painted a little sewing box and filled it with all kinds of girlie pink treasure for sewing and creating.
Susanna was thrilled Grams - thank you!!

Big brother Clayton made about four different presents for sister. This one is a "fossil" bird's claw necklace. (I was very thankful to hear that the bird who donated its claw was "already dead". How'd you like a fossilized bird claw necklace? It could be the next great thing!
Thank you Clay - you are a sweetheart!

This was my favorite part today - the cake!
Yesterday Susanna had her choice of any candy in the candy store to top her cake with.
My pretty pink girl chose (drum roll please): gummy snakes. Yes SNAKES. And I am not kidding - these snakes were over two feet long! UGH!

Susanna was tickled, well... pink. She thought it was hilarious, and giggled about it the whole way home. She was not joking though, she carefully arranged these snakes on her "chocolate cake with pink frosting" and commenced to... (Eeesh!) EAT one right along with her cake!

She wanted to eat her cake at about 4:30 in the afternoon (I know, I know), so needles to say she wasn't very hungry for dinner later!

I think these pictures say it all. Just look at her face!
And after all... what's a birthday if you don't CELEBRATE!!

I will certainly celebrate the presence of this precious person in our family!

My little girl. My Susanna Glory. How I love you dear sweet first daughter of mine!
You have been waiting for this birthday for weeks and even months now. For me, it has come too fast.

Once upon a time you were the most stoic child I had ever met. I bet you hardly smiled ten times before you turned one year old. Anyone who thought they could make a baby smile was soon put in their proper place by you. I knew there were a million thoughts inside of you as you sized every one up, preferring to stand back at a distance and watch rather than jump in and participate.

Today who would believe me if I told them that?
You were born with two perfectly lovely dimples. These days I marvel to see them daily! You are so beautiful and your personality charms me little girl:-)

So... you are five today.
I cherish you sweetheart.
Happy Birthday!!!!!


Xenia Kathryn said...

She is the absolute cutest little girl! What a "Glory-ous" smile! Happy Birthday, Susanna!

Oh my goodness... MY Susannah is 17 months, and she used to be SOOOOO STOIC too! She's slowly coming out of her shell (in public), and people are so surprised to see that she actually does smile. Sometimes people get slightly offended that she doesn't smile at them, but then, what can I do? She's just a baby, and she's growing out of it :)

J said...

Happy Birthday lovely girl! Hard to imagine she was stoic, that smile is so captivating! Wonderful cake, Analene, wonderful! It is so fun to see their personalities in what kind of birthday cake they request!!! :) Love to all,

Grace McHugh said...

Hmm........the fossilized bird claw, where have I heard that before?? tee hee I love the thoughtful gift from Grandma. It is so appealing to the eyes! I am in amazement in her choice of candy...........must have been how colorful there were. I love her smiles, they are finally here!

Diane said...

Happy Birthday dearest Susanna! What a lovely cake you had. Yumm. How I wish I could have been there indulge in some of the chocolate with you!

Blessings to you sweet five year old!

pam said...

What a sweetie pie. She reminds me of our Carly Joy, also a sober suds who just turned 6.

Molly said...


Sarah said...

Happy Birthday Susanna!!! 5 is awesome!!! The gummy snakes are too.

2homeschool said...

Happy Birthday Sue... Give Momma a kiss for me. :-)


Lady Jess said...

Awwwww, happy b-day, sweetie!