Sunday, December 13, 2009

12 Weeks

I found him sucking on his thumb while laying on his tummy...
That could be good.
He smiles and coos at me and is my most adoring fan, but whip out the camera and he stares with a quizzical eye.

Every day we chuckle about how much he looks like me.
That's a first, and I told my Great Guy that we must have used up all his genes!
Have to dig in to my reserve now ;-)

The children's Granny has been pretty evident in two or three faces.
It's fun to see how they change as they grow, and to see yourself in them at one time, and their dad in them at another; and sometimes other relatives peep out at you!

I'm sure this fella is all his own man.
I will watch in amazed delight as his personality unfolds!


Jess said...

He's just lovely! Seems like yesterday you were waiting and waiting for him to make his arrival!

pinamarie said...

what a cutie! He totally looks like you.
Did you know that you wrote 12 mo on the pic? It threw me off guard for a second :)
I hope you guys have a fabulous christmas!

Momma Bug said...

That just proves that I did it at 12 a.m. Pina! I bet Gramsie catches it too. Maybe I can sneak in and change it before she notices?


J said...

Thumb sucking??? Oh my! ;)
I love his quizzical look!

Anonymous said...

Hooray for the thumb! ;-)
Our youngest loves his too. Pacifiers always get lost when most needed. But that thumb ain't goin' nowhere.

And I agree, it's great when they look like Daddy, but it's really fun to see yourself in them too! :-)

princessmama said...

He DOES look like you! :D He's super adorable. We're lovin the updates :)

2homeschool said...

He's growing so fast!


2homeschool said...

Ps... my mug is white, same one though... My hubby won it at a Christmas Party... The smart boy brought it home to ME!!! :-)

Ashley said...

He's such a cutie!

Hey, I just saw on your sidebar "Molly and Nick and Baby Cousin". Is Molly preggers????!!!!!

Momma Bug said...

Molly IS!!

I am gratified you noticed that in my sidebar. I was giving her a chance to announce her news before I tooted the horn, but maybe now I can make an official "congratulations!" post?
She and Nick are expecting a surprise baby in June :-)
I'm so HAPPY!

Ashley said...

ahh!!!! that is SO exciting!!!!! yeah, she needs to update her blog. :) hope she's feeling okay. i'll be praying everything goes well! babies are too much fun!!!