Thursday, December 31, 2009

Gearin' Up For 2010

The last full moon of 2009 - and what a beauty!

Well I can see how it's going to be.

I know that tomorrow is January first, but I opened my Bible last night to get a head start on this 90 day reading assignment.
Good thing too, because I only got eight chapters in (out of sixteen) before "life" rudely interrupted me.

"Life" has no scruples about distracting, and that's the fundamental problem with this whole concept where I am both a spiritual being and a flesh being (heavy on the flesh).

You see, my flesh wants to breeze through all those chapters.
My spirit wants to know what I read.
It's rather a conflict of interests.
Matthew 26:41 (which, incidentally, isn't anywhere near Genesis) says to

"Watch and pray,
that ye enter not into temptation:
the spirit indeed is willing but the flesh is weak"

I take from this, that this venture will require some battling on my part!

"...the spirit is willing..."

Yes. It is.
In fact, the spirit has gotten me as far as mid Deuteronomy in my previous attempts to read every word between the two covers of my Bible. Genesis is interesting, exciting - riveting even!
Deuteronomy? Not as much.
Maybe I should be starting at Deuteronomy. HA!
Or perhaps I should use this opportunity to slay the flesh and strengthen the spirit?


To read through the entire Bible in less than a year is a noble goal for a fleshly, distractable being such as myself.
To see the Lord God increase my thirst for His word, and and hope He will mold me more and more to the image of His Son in the process would be even better.

So I forge ahead! Sixteen chapters a day? Perhaps not, but as my friend Mother Hen says:

"Do it in 90 days,
or do it in one year,
or do it in some other amount of time.
Just be sure you read your Bible!"

And with this I concur. I plan to read mine through - however long it takes!!


Momma Bear said...

Stick with it... you can do it! I am the distracted sort myself and always have had a hard time committing to a Scripture reading goal. I have found that picking a certain book of the Bible or entire Old Testament/New Testament and reading it multiple times in a row (in 5 chapter segments) before moving on to something else helps me to remember and retain what I have read. It is so hard to get started, but so wonderful to know that you have spent precious time with God reading His love letter to us! :-)

Photo Momma said...

Wow, 8 chapters? I am lucky to get through one without interuption! I am excited to hear how things go for you :)