Sunday, December 20, 2009

13 weeks, and a Wild Party

Bryce has hit the three month turning point. He is SO cute, cuddly, fun; mellow and less fussy.

Twice after I go to bed, he wakes to nurse.

Several days ago I was initiated into the pain of nursing with a cracked... um. ouch.
I've never experienced this before, and it has gotten progressively worse each day, until hopefully the lanolin I bought today will help.

I mean to tell ya! I have more compassion now, for the gals with whom this malady is the norm.
I've never before been so loath to see those couple hours pass from the last meal, and been driven to tears. This brings "toe curling" pain to a whole new level!!!

If you can tell me any thing else that might help, or how long I might expect this to last, I am all ears.


On a lighter note, we hosted an open house last night. Along with the Smith's, and Mrs. Smith's precious parents, five other families joined us which brought the children tally up to 38 children plus two in knitting!

It was a wonderfully full and fun-filled household. We were privileged to enjoy people who we now consider friends - no longer people we just met.
Along with our "old" friends (that we met under two years ago), we had the delight of getting to know some "new" friends too.

This is a precious season, and we are blessed to have such lovely memories which we will cherish always.
Our pictures didn't turn out fantastic, but here are a few for proof.

The only thing that could have made this event more perfect would have been the presence of friends in the area who couldn't make it, adding to that our beloved family from "home" in California, and lastly a collection of saints from all over the rest of the earth.

It's probably a good thing you all didn't come because we wouldn't have had enough room for that many children - even if we stacked them five tall and side by side!

We love you from here though.
Blessings to you each and every dear ones!

(Mrs. Smith it looks like you really DID leave with everything you brought!
And Jenny, I have your fondue dish and Christmas tray. I'm holding them hostage so you'll come see me again!)




Momma Bear said...

Oh he is soooo handsome!! He IS looking more and more like you. :-) And what a fun party! Kids totally make the party. They're just great like that ;-)

As far as your painful dilemma goes (been there done that), what I have found to work really well is your own expressed milk and/or extra-virgin olive oil (vitamin E) applied to the area. These two solutions helped immensely and I healed up quite quickly. I really hope it works for you- being sore *there* is no fun. Prayers coming your way :-)

Colleen said...

I had that problem in a pretty severe way with my fifth baby. The lanolin will help but another way to help is to put a hot wash cloth on your chest above the side you will nurse on to allow your self to let down before the baby latches on. This way he won't have to suck as hard to get that first mouthful of milk. It helped a lot for me.

Momma Bug said...

Oh Colleen! THANK YOU! That sounds like something I want to try. The worst of the worst is that first twenty seconds, so maybe that would help.

Momma Bear, I will try anything that helped you. To me, the oil sounds better. I can't wrap my mind around the wound healing with all that goo on it.

What do I know?

Thank you girls with all my heart!

Jess said...

Paw paw ointment helps too, don't know if you can get it in the states? I think you call paw paw fruit 'Papaya'?

J said...

Okay, cute outfit. :) And HOW do you get him to open his eyes in surprise like that for his photos??? He is a cute little button, oh what a privilege to hold him for a moment! Delightful to see you in the flesh, not just in cyberspace! Thank you for hosting, and yes, well, we'll get those dishes sometime. :) Love you.

JensMom said...


Praying for you! That is no fun and it sounds like you have received some excellent advice. This too shall pass, dear one. It has been so many years (17) since I have had a infant at the breast, but I still yearn, if not ache for it from time to time. :-) Such an amazing gift that the Lord has given us, to be able to nourish our babies and bond with them so intimately at the same time.

Merry Christmas!


princessmama said...

Definitely try the hot wash cloth! Another thing to try is fresh aloe vera gel, bottled is not so helpful.

Sounds like a marvelous party :)
Bryce's pictures are more adorable every time, I wish we could see him in person :)