Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Hooray! A Package Came Today!

Well Mom, you are vindicated and your word proven good as gold.
Your "Box of Love" arrived with Mr. UPS - even though there was enough snow to wonder if he'd make his rounds.

Did you know you packaged so many smiles in your box?

The children exclaimed:

"Whew! It's a LOT bigger than it looked in that picture Gramsie sent of Pops holding it!"

(I guess that's good?) I figure dad is big enough to make even a big box look a little ashamed next to him;-)

Daddy let the Buglets open the box, but they got no further.

Later in the evening at the dinner table, Olivia told him she was planning to open her present from Grams "Because I want to."
To which Daddy trumped her with "I will decide when you get to open it because I am the dad."
Uncle Wyatt snickered, and under my breath I suggested it's a good thing the kids don't have Gramsie's number...

Perhaps tomorrow, and I must say that one more day of anticipation as we enjoy your lovely wrapping is probably making the "love" that much sweeter!

Thank you dear Grams and Pops :-)


Carolina joined the bead brigade today...

Pretty fun!


gramsie said...

So glad it arrived in plenty of time for Christmas--We savored every smile as well as the anticipation all the little ones are enjoying too.

Anticipating how each child will (hopefully) like their special gift is what gives me so much joy in preparing these boxes of love.

Marlene said...

I love the little booties on Bryce :) they look so cute! Merry Christmas to you and your family.

Momma Bug said...

Marlene! You have an eagle eye ;-)

I had intended to post an up-close picture just for you, alas...
it turns out that blogging isn't the only thing I do all day! (wink wink)

Thank you so much dear friend - those sweet little booties have kept his little feet warm, and his socks from falling off too!

Love to you,