Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Christmas Stockings

Ah yes.... Christmas stockings.
A tradition I grew up with; stockings made for each great grandchild by my Gee-Gee.
Gee used those felt and sequin kits (I think you can still buy), and a whole lot of love and time when she poured herself in to our sparkly stockings!

When I married, my mom offered to send my stocking with me into my new life and home.
Alas I couldn't imagine breaking up the ensemble of seven red and green stockings. Mine was at the top, and there was one for each brother and sister.

Since Gee-Gee was gone, Mom took up where she left off and made me and AJ two new sparkly stockings of her own design.

Then came Zachary Christian, and I designed one for him. It was so much fun!
And the next one too, for Clay.
But after that, I own that I have asked myself "WHY" did I start such a labor intensive tradition?!!! This year I am stuck making TWO at a time since I never got on the ball for Carolina.

I do know why though.
It is a gift I give my children. They can say momma made a stocking just for each of them, and at a season when time, energy, and creativity were at a minimum.
I want little Bryce to have a symbol of my love for him, just as Zachary does.

And so... it is my privilege to apply myself once again. Here are some pictures of the first four, and IF I complete the other two (which I started this week), I will show them off as well!


princessmama said...

Analene, those are BEAUTIFUL!!!! I want one! :D

Xenia Kathryn said...

GORGEOUS!!! All of them, just gorgeous! I love them... I've been trying to catch up on stockings for my family too. The first year of marriage, I made one for hubby, then a few weeks ago, one for myself. Now, one each for the girls. Mine, though, are not as detailed and labor-intensive. Yours are just stunning! Happy crafting!

JENNIFER said...

Thats so funny, we have a Gee-Gee too! Adorable stockings. I made one last year for Fiona with a Christmas Fairy on it.

J said...

They're wonderful! Thanks for sharing. Felt, but not the typical red and green! And look at those lovely scenes on each one! Mighty special. Can't decide which is my favorite.

Morgan said...

Those are so gorgeous! I really want to make stockings, but I think it will have to wait until next year.

Mama K. said...

I LOVE Olivia's stocking with the bird scene. Just ADORABLE!

Jana said...

Awe! My family has green and red felt and sequin stockings too! They were all made by my Aunt Trudee. I love them. It's greatly encouraging to hear that you may be able to still buy them. Now I can start the labor intensive tradition for my little family!