Monday, December 7, 2009

Dear Jenny,

This one's for you :-)

I had to try out these cush little dypies today and I have to admit they were pretty wonderful!
That was... putting them on all soft and clean. Not taking them off all full of poop....

Thankfully I didn't have that experience today because I didn't put the vinyl pants on over, so four minutes after this picture (roughly ten minutes after I diapered him) Bryce was wet through all layers of clothing. Lesson to me. Perhaps I should have gotten the run-down first, or taken some classes or something. Ah well, they were certainly cute and who can put a price tag on cuteness?
I know I never get enough of it!

Anyway, thought you'd enjoy. Thank you for making the cloth diaper experiment so darling for me!
And just so you know, I thought of a solution for cloth diapering in Idaho - even with a composting toilet: you can send me nice clean brand spankin' new CUTE diapers, and when they get, uh... yucky, I can send them back to YOU! How's that sound? I knew you'd be proud of me for being so innovative!!

Loads of love to you friend,


Photo Momma said...

Do you normally use cloth diapers? Or have you with any of your children?

J said...

You are making me laugh. He does look cute in that diaper--that is half the fun you know! I love things that look pretty! ;) Well, pretty until they are poopy, right? Ah, you can use it again in two weeks after you go to the laundromat. hee hee

Momma Bug said...

I haven't used cloth diapers on MY children Rebekah. I am not currently using them, though I have a pretty good gaggle of friends attempting to convert me ;-)

I had that pleasure with my youngest four siblings in prefolds.

I am not actually opposed to cloth diapering, but it is one of those things AJ would prefer we don't take on.
There might come a day, and when it comes...
I'd like more of these sweet green Bummies!!!

Diane said...

You crack me up. So funny. And they are pretty helps when they are being worn by one cute kiddo!

Anonymous said...

Cloth diapering is... cute, adorable, smelly, and gross at times. :) I can only imagine what is was like to cloth diaper Emma, Dan, Ben and Mattie. Hehehe. Especially since they were born one a year, so I quess there could have been 2 or even 3 in diapers at a time. :)

Boy oh boy, he is TOO CUTE!!!!!!!


P.S. My baby sister is here!!!!!!!!

Momma Bug said...

There WERE three in diapers at one time Ashley. I don't see how I could forget that! Kinda weird to think of me diapering your friends, huh?

I saw your pretty little sister - my only complaint is your sad lack of photos ;-)
Get with it girl!


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