Thursday, December 17, 2009

Call Me "Nuts" Too.

I AM crazy, but it was a very silent store at ten p.m..

I wandered the isles in peace, and was at liberty to browse.
In fact, if it hadn't been a grocery store I might have considered it a vacation!
You don't "browse" with six little sweeties in tow.

I didn't nap yesterday either (which is scary all by itself), and when AJ blonged me on the computer to chat from work, he asked

"Aren't you supposed to be napping?"

I replied yes, but that I wasn't going to; I was out of my mind, because any sane mother of six would grab that bull by the proverbial horns, however...

Any sane mother of six littles also knows that in order to accomplish more than meals, school, diapers, and the putting out of fires... and to stay sane... skipping a nap is the only way to add more hours to the day (and sometimes the most productive and QUIET hours too, I might add!).


That and shopping at midnight.


Shauna said...

I do believe that's the way any mother stays sane. I don't know how I'd get anything accomplished without naps!

Diane said...

as long as you don't skip a nap two days in a row, then I won't call you crazy! love you.