Saturday, December 26, 2009

Dear Auntie Kim, Uncle Ben, and Cousins McKenna and Hailey,

Thank you for the wonderful Hats and mittens! How did you know that this crew was just outgrowing their favorite fleece hats?

The thing that surprised me most, was how donning these items of apparel seemed to transform my sweet little darlings into...

Well, I'm not sure what.

Into hooligans posing as Super Hero's or something?

Hmm. Maybe Super Hero's posing as Hooligans?

They definitely have a super power for making corny faces!!

Today these pictures can be used for a great laugh,

tomorrow for blackmail,

and far into the future I'm sure we will find them a tonic for the soul.

Thought you'd enjoy.
I did! :-)


Mama K. said...

What FUN! It's so great to see what a fun time your little bugs seemed to have with the hats and gloves. I love all the silliness and smiles! Thank you!

Ashley said...

Too cute!!!!!! Merry late Christmas!!!!!

princessmama said...

What a bunch of cutie-pants! Lol