Friday, December 18, 2009

The Time Had Come...

...To scrub the stove top and kitchen sink.

There comes a time when it must be done.
It can be put off only so long, and then one day when you are planning for guests who have never seen your house, you look at your kitchen with a more discriminating eye.

It's then that you think to yourself,

"My sink IS white, isn't it?"

and maybe,

"Has there always been this much food escape
d from the frying pan and imprisoned under the burner grate?"

By this time you are either turning up your nose in disgust, or nodding your head in empathetic understanding. (Or laughing your head off)

I LOVE you understanding ones!

And to the disgusted, I hope you are always able to keep the meticulous standard you currently have (and I cheer you on!).
If not, perhaps you can come read this again in a few years and join the empathetic nods.

It is the ranks of the humble I have joined.
...And the ranks of those who's kitchens are about to sprout legs and sneak out the door.

If you come to my house this weekend, don't look too closely.
I have scrubbed the sink and it IS white...
I have wiped down the stove and it IS black under all that pancake-popcorn-fried egg-spilt oatmeal crust...
The counters will be sparkling, and the floor swept, but mopping?
You are bringing your four children, right?

...And YOUR five?

...And YOUR eight?

...And YOUR six?

Your husbands too?

O.k. then.

I'll mop on another day.


J said...

Yes, that sounds wonderful! Your efforts are so appreciated! Now, why you gotta call my family dirty? tee hee hee See you tomorrow. 4 in tow, one making me slow.

J said...

Wait, did Carolina write this post? I don't see you in the photos, Analene. I will thank her in person for her work on our behalf. ;)

Momma Bug said...

What would I do without her?!

Courtney said...

Dearest friend, You know we come to enjoy you and your family :) I can't wait to see you tomorrow with my 7 (which includes my hubby and tummy of course)! I love you, Courtney aka Mrs. Smith
PS I have my bags packed ;)

2homeschool said...

Yeah, I was thinkin it's about time for me to take on my freazer.

mystery meals from who knows how long ago. :-) Yap, I think its time.

Ps. the picture below is the cutest picture of a baby I have ever seen!

Pss. Sorry about missing your call the other day. I was with Jonathan in E.R. Hope your holiday has been calmer then ours.

Loves, H

Momma Bug said...

Dear Heather, You might need those mystery meals - especially if you're spending your holidays in the ER.

Sounds like things are pretty normal there :-)

Love you!

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