Tuesday, December 29, 2009

No Longer 6

My Great Guy and I decided some years ago to make Birthdays a bash.
A day to show each precious son or daughter just how wonderful we think they are!

As you can imagine, having a December 28th baby has stretched our ingenuity in the way of making Clayton's day "special" following on the heels of Christmas.

Traditionally we don't make Christmas a gift-giving day, which serves several purposes.
1. We are able to focus on Jesus Birthday a little better, and
2. Gifts are then a unique thing to Clayton's birthday and not just more of the same desserts.

This year we filled stockings for the children.
While tradition is delightful, it is a blessed experience to exercise our freedom in Christ when we "change things up" and do what seems good case by case.
We ALL got a kick out of stuffed stockings. The sweets. The frill and foof was, well... FUN!

BUT... How to make a "bash" for Clay after all that?
Here's a peek in pictures. (and I might add, he was a pleased as pie - it must have been a success!)

He is such a sport! Even wears the corny hat Mom set out for the Birthday Boy!

Need a little help Buddy?

A Treasure Hunt to discover a special gift from Mom and Dad...

What's this???...

A shoe?
A strange looking shoe...

And the Treasure is...


Your very own climbing wall! (to share, of course)

And mom is so glad...

You won't need to climb the door jambs any more.

Or the pillar by the pool table.
Or the trash can.
Or the shelves.

Thanks for donating the room and the help to install it Uncle Wyatt!

New hat and Bible...

Well. It was a GOOD day for a little boy.
Even without cake. Why no cake?
C'mon! Christmas, remember? Jesus's Birthday cake... ugh. Still plenty of that left. Jesus didn't help us much with His share of it!

And besides,
Clay got a box of Tic-Tacs!

What more could a fella want?!

We love you Clayton Praise!!!!!


Kimberly said...

I LOVE the climbing wall. What a fun birthday! Blessings, Kimberly

Grace McHugh said...

Fabulous! We have an early birthday in January and I struggle to make it special. I love how you showered your special boy. His smile says it all. LOVE the wall.

Momma Bug said...

Come bring Rory to play on it with the fellas!! I'd love to see you:-)
(When you all are done being sick, as I hear you have been :-( ).
Let's make a date.

Lady Jess said...

That's so sweet! What great ideas! Looks like he enjoyed the wall, wowee! Happy Birthday, little man!

Holly Days Closet said...

What a wonderful day. It sounds like all of you had fun.

Tammy (Mom to this crazy bunch) said...

What a great gift for a little boy!

Diane said...

wow. how fun! And finally a picture of uncle wyatt. I was thinking awhile back that I never recall a pic of him on this blog and youare living at his place in CO! Very fun. I think the kiddos will have lots of fun climbing around.