Thursday, December 3, 2009

The Latest Goings-On Around Here

Clay has lost his first tooth, is very proud of it...

...VERY proud, and made me do a double take when I "saw" his dad (at nineteen) when I looked at the photo above!

Carolina trying out our new-to-us jogging stroller, and no I'm not planning to jog.


It will be a very handy tool to have anyway :-)

Susie and Olie have been making great use of their dress-ups lately - especially when the Christmas music is on. I feel like I have my own Sugar Plum fairies!!

has begun piano lessons. His teacher is Yours Truly, and my plan is just to get his feet wet, then turn him over to someone who will be worth every penny of whatever I pay them!
(Way to GO Zachary!!)

Last and smallest, but never least...
Bryce is getting handier with those hands! I love to watch him - even when in hiccoughs!!

Well, that's a brief synopsis of our goings-on. I leave you with a blury (but none-the-less pleasurable) out-take of my Sugar Plum Fairies getting into the Christmas spirit:-)


J said...

darn, those videos wouldn't load for me, i was all geared up for pianos and baby hiccups! i'll try later. those are some cute dresser-uppers and who knew you played the piano! (and loathed jogging so much) i love finding out all of these bits and pieces of you all! have a great night over there!

Pam said...

I love the girls in color. You will always cherish these memories; they are priceless.

Shauna said...

WOO HOO!!!! HOORAY!!! You got a jogging stroller! I'm loving mine so much my father-in-law informed Karl it was the best investment he made this year. =) I hope you enjoy yours just as much!
And I agree that Clay looks like AJ in that photo. I was thinking so, and then read the caption. What fun!

Diane said...

I love the video of the girls dancing, and Bryce, and Zack. Okay okay so I love all the videos! hee hee

Glad to hear your goings-on. I think a phone call is do again. Perhaps tomorrow, well really today maybe. I still have not gone to bed! ugh. Love you!