Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Snippets of Idaho: Sparkly Pinecones

We planned ahead when we were at Marvel Hill last Summer and gathered pine cones.

There are an abundance and a variety at Marvel Hill (unlike where we live in Colorado - and I don't think cactus would substitute very well!), and we seriously pondered if/how we could bring a Christmas tree with us too...


Anyway, pour some tacky glue onto a paper plate

Roll pine cone in the glue, then drop into a zip lock bag along with several Tablespoons of glitter.

Shake the bag a little, then remove pine cone to dry.

We used four bags with four colors of glitter.
After the glue was dry (we waited over-night) Zachary hot glued a loop of ribbon on top, and we hung our sparkly creations on the Christmas Tree!



Morgan said...

That is a GREAT idea! I think I'm going to have to use it for next year!

J said...

So pretty, and you are the BRAVEST woman I know, using glitter! You'll be seeing in the cracks of everything all year! Wild and crazy you are!

Momma Bug said...

You would think. In fact, after I planned this project AJ didn't know I had already bought glitter and was telling one of his friends that "we don't do glitter!" in no uncertain terms. Oops! ;-D
The zip lock bags served me well, and I let the pine cones dry in a box lined with a large plastic trash bag.
I also kept a damp rag handy for wiping down hands.

So far so good...

Anonymous said...

So fun! :-D
My Dad and I did those and paper snowflakes every year... can't wait to do them again when my boys are just a smidge older. ;-)

By the way, I know that glitter gets EVERYWHERE, but if you're going to make a mess it might as well sparkle right? :-)

Diane said...

You are just the best mom ever this week! lol
Wish I were there having all this fun along with you all. Awesome ideas Lene!