Monday, April 7, 2008

A Chuckle or Two for You!

This is a picture I "stole" from my one of my oldest (well, not too old!) friends!
Did you ever read the Grandma's attic stories? My friends, THIS is my very own Sarah Jane!
Really! Her name truly IS Sarah Jane (That's her on the right)!

Sarah Jane posted this picture for my birthday last week. It's a darling reminder of some fun memories, but also the great value of a friend who has remained faithful through the years.

Sarah and I became immediate (and inseparable)friends when our folks started homeschooling us about 23 years ago (WOW!). This picture was taken before a school play in which we were old ladies together. I think S.J. was Ruby? And I was... Do you remember, Sarah?
I think our line was something like "YOU BRICIOUS BRUTE!" as we whacked a thief with our purses! It was fun, I remember that!

As you can tell, if Sarah has stuck around this long, I must be an excellent friend! (HA! - just kidding)
It's probably more like the first Christmas ornament you made, not that pretty but you keep it for sentimental reasons;-)

I keep HER because I like her!


Morgan said...

You should definitely check out the Beco! It is pretty pricey, but a similar version (and a little less expensive) is the Ergo. I carried Samuel in the Bjorn until he was about 12 months old and it hurt my back a lot. I was wondering why until I stopped carring him in it. The Beco and Ergo have a waist strap that more evenly distributes the weight. I think it's worth the money if you plan to get lots of use out of it! Do you know how many kids you would like? We don't know, but know that we want a big family. We already get lots of comments and we're only pregnant with #3!
I knew that Molly was partners with your sister. They do such a great job! Jen took our family pictures a few months ago, too. Jen and my husband are in a networking group together, that's how we know her. Has Molly taken pictures of your family?
Can I have your email address? I would love to communicate more with you!

SarahJane said...

You certainly remember more than I do about the play....I just remember enjoying putting on lipstick about every 2 minutes since it needed to be applied "just perfectly" for the play. ;)
As for the Christmas ornament's more like one of those ornaments that you have had forever and can't wait to find it in the box every time you get around to Christmas time. Then you feel sad putting it away and look forward to the next time you get to "enjoy its company" :)
I am sure blessed to have had a friend like you over the years, and I look forward to many more years. Who knows....maybe one day we will live close to one another once again! love you
Sarah Jane