Friday, April 4, 2008

The Dear Things They Say:

Doops, Mama!" (Boots)

"How long does it take a sandwich to rot?" (this said with eyes peering over the edge of the counter, and in hopes that the said sandwich will rot before he has to eat it)

"Ohhh, Bovey!" (a two year olds version of Whinnie the Pooh's "Oh Bother!")

"Mom, Clay pulled the 'Coal Patch' out" (What in the world??? Oh! The 'ASH TRAY' in the car!)

"Dad, we read about the Kidneys -I mean PIG KNEES in Africa!" ( Pygmies)

"When I grow up I'm going to buy whatever I want." (We have found that what you really want to buy when you "grow up", is not what you thought you'd want when you were three years old)

"Mom, I really like children!"
(not too surprising a sentiment coming from one... but in reflecting on it, I'd definitely have to agree!)


2homeschool said...

LOL,... To much fun. I miss thoughs days. I have a funny feeling we are far from them. Although, AnnaBell did say "bye" and "Please" today. One time each, Hey its forward movement. I just finished blogging about my schedule, check it out! ~H

2homeschool said...

Opps. Those. :-)

Momma Bug said...

Another I love, was Olivia singing to me on my birthday
"Day day Mah-meee!"

I'm glad I have this blog Heather. It's nice to have a way to remember some of those things that aren't staying lodged in my brain for longer than three seconds!