Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Fishing... For Hearts

In my children I am seeing some things I would like to help change.

I won't be specific about what those things are, suffice to say I believe that "change" will cause them to be more effective servants in Christ's kingdom, and will help them get along in this ol' world a little better too.

While I was reflecting on this, and trying to discern what action I should take,
It fell heavily on my heart that the first change needs take place in me.

To take captive time, a schedule may be called for.
To take hearts captive, it may be necessary to loosen up a little.

I can tell you one thing. Many short nights in a row (say six months worth, more or less) do not promote a general spirit of amiability in mom.
Alas, that is not a worthy excuse for being up-tight!

My heart is to see spirits blossom, to listen to and hear more music, more laughter, more FUN!

The epiphany from last night was God's still small voice whispering to me "Now that you are aware of the next step, are you willing to start tomorrow new? Will you carry with you yesterday's defeat? Let go of that, and live the "right now" for Me!"

"Yes! YES!" My heart responds, "I am willing, and I will be the joyful momma I must be (no matter what fumes I am running on) to YOUR glory!

I am pretty sure that if I make some little adjustments in my mode of operation, I will see good fruit in my children before I even start on them!

Please keep me in your prayers. I am very excited to see what the Lord could do with this willing heart!

Zachary and Dad making Omlettes for Saturday breakfast!


Faith Alterton said...

Wow, Analene - have you been listening in at our house today? :) All day long I've been feeling SO convicted of needing to re-adjust my heart and priorities before starting in on the boys (just a minute while I put on some music!) Thanks for the great encouragement!
Love, Faith

Suzanne said...

What a lovely post. We can all say, "Amen to that, sister, I hear you."

Oh,and look- there's a picture of Faith! Somehow,I always pictured her with long staight hair, but platinum blonde. Isn't it weird how our minds work?

I can see I really need to get on the ball with a photo. Faith's got me beat and she doesn't even have a blog!:) (-yet-)

Love to you Analene!