Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Thanks For the Help

Speaking of having full hands...
Grocery cart
I had finally got through the grocery store with all five Little Bugs, when I was loading my groceries into the van and discovered that the Bagger apparently didn't know how to bag groceries.
It should have been a clue to me that there were only four bags in the cart (but they fit so nicely, I had hoped he was extra efficient).

He wasn't.

I mean, I would give the guy some credit if he had bagged all my groceries into four bags neatly, when my cart was already overflowing with children and purse!
I don't expect Baggers to have previously worked as Rocket Scientists, but I thought they might at least be trained to pack the heavy things on the bottom of the bag!!! Am I being picky?

Would you feel grateful for only four bags when ONE bag contained several pounds of meat followed by a bag of flour AND a bag of sugar?

How about Several items including a bag of bagels being tossed in on TOP of your loose leaf lettuce?

The clincher for me was not being able to find my Snickers bar (hunting for it was how I came to be aware of this mess) until I finally unpacked the final bag (of course) to find it at the bottom
of the bag containing all the raw meat! Mmmmm... YUM!
I used to think it was a hardship to do my own bagging, but I am beginning to realize the up-side.
Chocolate bar
Since I have now thoroughly complained, I will tell you that all the groceries got into the house and put away without any major crisis ocuring.
I'm thankful for the privilege of shopping for what we need (and want).

And I'm ready for a nap.


2homeschool said...

I'll bet. I can't tell you how greatful I am that my husband took over the grocery shopping. The minor incovenionce of running out of stuff, everyonce in a while, is NOTHING compaired to taking four children with me while I shop.

Hope you get some rest.


Faith Alterton said...

My sympathies! But congratulations for getting through it with all five!

The Diane Story said...

My question is: Did you still eat the snickers bar? LOL.

Momma Bug said...

You HAD to ask that!

My Snickers bar was just fine - no leaky juices from the meat, and it was properly packaged (which is more than I can say for the groceries in general!

So yes.

I did eat it:-)