Sunday, April 13, 2008

Happy Birthday Sister!!!

Dear Auntie Em,
We wish we could celebrate this special day with you!

I remember just over eighteen years ago when Mom took us three oldest out to lunch one day;
While Charlie and Molly were playing on the play equipment, Mom asked me how I'd like a new little brother or sister - I was ecstatic!
A baby!!! What fun for an eleven year old, why, it can't get any better than that!

About seven months later as we were camping out at Aunt Cheryl and Uncle Jim's for the night, we got a call from Dad... but he wouldn't tell WHO had arrived! He said, "come on down to the hospital and see for yourself".

So we did. Guessing all the way... brother, or sister?
There you were, a perfect little sister! We were delighted.

Molly was probably thinking "wow! my own baby to boss!"

and Charlie was probably thinking "what am I going to do with all these sisters?!"

but I was thinking "This will be better than any doll I ever had!"

Life was about to get a lot more fun for us all! You were the most beautiful baby I'd ever seen. Some people said you looked like a cherub.
You had blond hair (a first) and olive skin (also a first), very round kissable cheeks, and were a very serious baby, paying attention to every thing around you and sizing everyone up.
My Susanna reminds me so much of you, that I sometimes call her Emma!

I remember before you were old enough to talk, you brought me your baby doll and blankie, and handed them to me. It was obvious you had something in mind, but no matter how many different ways I wrapped that doll, you shook it out, shook your head in consternation, and handed them back!
I never did get it right! I think you finally gave up on me:-)

I did a lot of baby sitting back in those days, but I have been getting paid back more recently:-)
I sure thank you for that!

Molly and I have always been amazed at how you wear your clothes with such careless nonchalance, and yet you always looked so stylish! This even at seven years old!
Some people have it all, and you have always seemed to be one of those people.
As your big sisters Moll and I have been thankful that you are five and eleven years younger than us so that we had no competition when our wonderful husbands first came calling!!;-)
Now we both look forward to seeing who you own prince charming will be?

I never could understand how our Aunts (who are ten years apart) happened to be such close friends with one another, but I understand nowadays!
Eleven years hasn't seemed an unsurmountable gap in our friendship. I hope there are many precious years ahead!!!

Miss Emma Kate

This is all the sisters
(so far)
Emma, Molly, (I can't imagine who the one in the middle might be!), our beloved Hannah (Charlie's wife), and Mattie Grace

So... Happy Birthday dear sister O' mine! I love you very very much!!!

Love, Sis


2homeschool said...

I just love that picture. I have it on my computer! All the 'Girls'.

Happy Birthday Emma!


Uncle and Auntie Hightower <> said...

Thank you Analene! What a great gift!!! I know Emma will LOVE IT!
How perfectly you put this together! Way to be awesome sis! =)