Wednesday, April 2, 2008

How to Get a Baby UN-constipated

Like my title?
I thought of lots of others, but didn't want to scare people off!

I will tell you that with five children, six years old an d under I don't get to bathing the little ones as often as most people would deem acceptable - "people" who have two children which a Nanny bathes for them and drops off at day care;-}

My bigger bugs can take care of that duty themselves now, and the Grama's will be happy to hear that one of MY chores on the new schedule, is bathing the girls.

I figure now it's on the calender, it might happen a little more often (is once a week often enough?).

For today's lesson, all this is applicable, because I was so proud of myself when I had three squeeky clean, fresh smelling little beauties before nine o' clock this morning! Well... they say pride comes before a fall.

It's true.

Miss Carolina hasn't been, uh... "moving" as much as I'd like to see lately, so it came as no surprise to me later in the day when a routine diaper change revealed the "bomb-out" of the year (I'm sure there will be more, but I say "year" optimistically here).

Clear up her back, through all three layers of clothing.

I tend to take it all in stride. I've seen this many times before. My brother and I changed numerous diapers of our siblings fifteen years back, which is when the term "bomb-out " originated (and all THOSE bomb-outs were in cloth diapers to boot!).

The part that really gets to me these days is the fact that she just (finally) got a bath, and might not see one for another week.
I think this happened last time too?

It is uncanny how predictable it is!
I guess I should just be grateful she, er... "moved"!

So... if your baby is a little plugged up, try getting him all squeeky clean and sweet-baby smelling.

If that doesn't do it for you, take the baby shopping and leave your diaper bag in the car.

That works too:-)


2homeschool said...

Eat Apricots... I have found this is gentle enough not to bomb-out... but works well enough. Yes you eat them, that is if you are nursing. :-)

No I have the other problem. I have one that 'goes' EVERYTIME I put her in the bath. I have taken to not letting her play. I can't take cleaning the bathtub after every bath.

Because I let my little one feed herself (where lots of it goes in her hair), baths are a daily or hourly 'must'. I would probably save my self an extream amount of time if I took it down to just a couple of times a week.

My schedule is put to paper but not in effect. Next week is the new schedule for hubby at work. After that I plan on puting it into action. In the meantime I may hang it and let the kids get used to the idea and maybe try part of it.

NOT the part that says get up at 6am. We are still averaging 12pm or later for bed. SOON, VERY SOON. We will have half our normal life back. Keep praying we get Sundays back.

Love, H

Suzanne said...

Oh, I can relate! Too funny! Good thing your diaper station is always close at hand, huh? :)


Momma Bug said...

Oh Suzanne!
Having that diaper station close at hand REGULARLY makes my day! LOL!!