Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Week #5

Week before last while Daddy Bug was out of town, THIS is what I accomplished!

I made this sweet little baby quilt for my cousins who are expecting their first-born (her name is Vivian Arlene - isn't that darling?! Arlene is my Grandmother's name, and I myself am partly named after her. I'm also named after my maternal grandmother Bethlene. That's where the "lene" part of my name came from. Aren't I lucky?!)

Sorry about that! Back to my original post.

Okay, anyway, I had lots of colorful scraps which I brought with me to Colorado for this very purpose, and then I found the most cute fleece to back it with. Can you see the little fish on it?

Now I know I wasn't really making MY home when I did this project, but it warmed my heart to be able to bless my cousins.
(Cousins, please don't tell me if it wasn't your thing!) ;-)

Part of keeping home, or being a "keeper of the home" is finding ways to brighten your life and others with the gifts and means that the Lord has given you!

(Now if I can just finish the quilt I started for Zachary a year-and-a-half ago!)


Morgan said...

Wow, that is such a gorgeous quilt! I wish I knew how to quilt. What a special thing for your cousin's baby to have!

The Diane Story said...

I love the quilt! I'll be expecting one when I adopt my first baby. LOL. But really, you did a great job! Momma reg just taught me how to sew my first project last week. Isn't that sad? I didn't even know how to sew. But I am determined to learn!

Momma Bug said...

I would be honored miss Diane!
I'll be looking forward to that day!!!

2homeschool said...

Wow, I can't believe you did that so fast. It looks beautiful.


Renae said...

Beautiful quilt! It will be so appreciated.

Peace to you,
Life Nurturing Education