Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Look at those speedy little legs!
I call this new sport: "Barefoot Golf-ball Soccer"
Best played barefoot (obviously!) in the Spring.

It was quite windy today, as you might be able to tell from Olivia's pigtails, and was also in the mid seventies.

The really weird thing about all this is that we are supposed to get a snow storm tomorrow evening!!!

(That's strange, right?)

What do you suppose THIS is?
Could it be a sign that Spring really is on it's way???

My first-borndest son discovered this sunny yellow face peeking out of a crack in the driveway, even though we are due for more snow, and the bee's haven't yet appeared.
Isn't that the way with Dandelions?! I think there might be a sermon in that... Hmmm.

I had a hard time getting the boys to let me take these pictures because they no sooner found them and wanted to EAT them!

Boys: "Mom, can we EAT these dandelion flowers?"

Me: "Uh..., okay." (What else could I say? Those things are actually quite good for you!)
"Please don't let Olie see you eat them!" I added after it was too late.

Zachary is sure that anything growing out of God's good earth, and considered edible, is a delicacy! I try to remind him that "edible" does not mean the same thing as "tasty".

He doesn't know what I'm talking about, but Clayton got the point.
I overheard him telling Daddy "We ate Dandelions - and they tasted TERRIBLE!" (I did catch him spewing pieces over the edge of the hill in disgust) and while I could have told him before-hand this little bit of information, sometimes (or mostly) these lessons are better learned through experience - after all, how could I know what Dandelions taste like?!! :-)


2homeschool said...

Oh, my dear. Good job. I am very proud of you!

Suzanne said...

Did you make your own pattern for those skirts, Momma Bug? I can't find any in the store- Eldest Daughter and I thought we'd wing it. I was just wondering.

Momma Bug said...

It was a "wing it" pattern. That's usually my speed, and it's pretty limiting at times!
I think I got away with 1 yard of fabric for both girls.

I don't remember if I cut it lengthwise or widthwise, I just know I divided it so that the taller daughter got a longer piece, and the shorter...
You get the idea.
I also used pretty wide elastic for the waist.

Let me know how it goes. My fabric was pretty thin, so the next thing will be some bloomers.
Tell me if you find a good pattern for those!

Faith Alterton said...

Oh, those pigtails are making me envious! (Though on second thought, I can't think of a single one of our boys who would look good in them, so I guess I'll have to be content with looking at yours! :) That first picture of Zachary with the dandelion looked SO much like Charlie when I first saw it! Great pictures!