Thursday, April 17, 2008

A Few Things...

First things first.

I have been wanting to read this book for a while now (although it's fairly new).

It turns out that Mother Hen is celebrating the grand blog opening of her "Ship Full O' Pirates" with a drawing for this book: Passionate Housewives Desperate for God.
I entered the drawing already (of course) but get an extra entry if I spread the word!
So please visit Mother Hen, read some of her fun posts, and leave a comment telling her Momma Bug sent you her way!
While you're at it, check out "Life in a Shoe" (one of my favorite blogs) because that's where I got the tip-off about Mother Hen's Ship.
Be blessed!

Next things next.

Isn't this the sweetest baby you've ever seen?!!!
(I have a feeling that it's a very small percent of my reading friends who will agree with me - most of you having your own sweetest babies!)

This is my Carolina Truth wearing the sweater that Grama gave her when she was just a brand new babe too small to fit into it :-)

LOVE it Mom! Thank you!)

Last things Last.
The last pictures here, are to prove that it really truly did snow here yesterday. Can you believe that my Little Bugs were playing Barefoot Golf ball Soccer out here two days before?!!!

I think it's great! If we can't have the green, this is pretty fun for a change!


2homeschool said...

The snow does look like fun.

Your Hyrogliphics are back for some but not all of that.


Mama K. said...

Little Carolina is a doll indeed! I can't believe you guys got snow in April! What a change for you from the Springs that you are used to here, huh? Well, enjoy the cool weather for me because I'm already starting to look like a gigantic balloon! Now that we've almost hit 80 degrees out here I'm starting to do my wonderful pregnancy swelling--ahhh!
Take care!

Momma Bug said...

ARGGGGGG! Not the Hyrogliphics!!!!
I am NOT a happy camper!
That is supposed to say Carolina Truth.
So there you go.

I learned something today (as you can see by my swell hit counter on the side), but for every step forward there're several steps back it seems!

Dearest Kim, I'm sure you are the lovely pregnant oamma you were last time!
Love you:-)