Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Week #3 (A Lttle Piece)

How do the weeks go by so fast!!! Here we are again, and if I don't get with it, I'll have to post twice for this challenge next week!:-)

My home-keeping has been a life of the relatively mundane (of late). I think it totally qualifies as keeping home when one cooks, cleans, changes diapers, takes said diapers OUT so they don't stink up the house...
Without this kind of keeping, no one would want to live in our home!

That's the kind of stuff I've been doing lately. Not very romantic or exhilarating, but necessary nonetheless.

Today though, I realized that sometimes things are accomplished in pieces.
Today, I actually accomplished some things if you count "pieces"! (And if you read last nights post, you'll see why I'm thrilled!)

So here they are:

I cleaned a little piece of the kitchen after I finally got the Little Bugs settled for the night (9-ish)

THIS, on the other hand is one of the pieces that did NOT get cleaned:
(see, I gave you a very tiny picture so you can't look too closely)
I only include this in case my high standards are called into question:-)

You'll notice that I do not refer to myself as "Super Momma", I leave that title for some other poor woman to live up to!

Okay, now here is a piece of the wall I painted.
In case you are wondering, I've been painting this same room for well over a month. The walls aren't THAT big, it's just that it takes that long when there are fifty million distractions!

(I think it will look really nice when I'm done... some day.)

And here is a piece of the quilt I worked on this evening., while I made sure Little Bugs stayed in their beds after being tucked in.
Gotta keep them within ear-shot and quick reach;-) (Little Bugs, I mean!)

And finally, while I cannot show you a picture of this last one, I was able to enjoy a little piece of quiet - uh, I mean Peace and quiet.

This came while playing on my blog, reading about some of my favorite people: Suzanne's recovery (I'm glad to find out that she didn't bleed to death after all!); my Sister's delightful discovery, and that Super Momma and Picture Sister haven't posted anything new, in like, a year!! (OK, slight exaggeration there, sorry)
Anyway, I have thoroughly enjoyed myself, and shall now call it a night.

(If only I could look forward to more than just a little piece of sleep!)


2homeschool said...

Thank you very much... You expect ME to keep my dishes clean??? I have been doing a better job, however, like you said, I have disappeared for long lengths of time in order to accomplish it.

Suzanne said...

Your kitchen is very shiny!

And your sink looks like mine:)

What a great post- you're pretty funny, you know that? I responded to your last comment, check it when you get a chance...
or even a little "piece" of quiet;)


P.S.The butterfly quotes- Adorable!

Faith Alterton said...

Dear Momma Bug,
It seems like AGES since I've gotten online - your blog is lovely! You have your Mama's touch with a camera! And how exciting to be working on a quilt - I just made Noah's bed WITH a quilt and was feeling pretty good about it! :) This is not my quilting season, I'm afraid. But do post more pictures of yours as you work on it more - there's something soothing about seeing the pieces go together, isn't there! Looking forward to reading more of your posts. Give my hellos to AJ and the children!



heidi said...

Oh my, could you come settle mine in for the night too. Lately they have been deciding that 11pm is a much better hour to settle in...longer hours means more hours to create havoc. I'm supposed to be changing out a ceiling fan, installing a new kitchen sink, painting my kitchen, dining room and living room. So between what I'm supposed to be doing and maintaining...not much is getting done.

Your kitchen looks....L-O-V-E-L-Y

You are blessing your family in so many ways even if it happens in pieces. So I decided I'll post later regarding my pieces...LOL. ;o) wink-wink

Blessings, Heidi