Wednesday, April 23, 2008

A Mish-Mash

I'm really not trying to out-blog anyone tonight, it's just that Daddy Bugs Parent's are due to arrive later tonight.
Here for a long awaited five day visit! The Little Bugs are all a-jitter! ;-)
I probably won't be so devoted to my blog for the rest of the week, so am trying to get my fix tonight and wrap up loose ends.

(I'll be thinking of, and praying for YOU this weekend Morgan!)

I wanted to show off my clean house and some of the new decor (try to ignore the partially painted walls please)

I found some Jack Vettriano prints half off yesterday and had to grab a few to add some color to Uncle Wyatt's walls.
Jack Vettriano Sweet Bird Of Youth (Study) Print
Jack Vettriano Waltzers Print

For now I stuck them in poster frames (and am satisfied), but they'd look great matted and framed properly one day.
Jack Vettriano Lazy Hazy Days Print

(MY EYE! That will never happen now that they're in frames!)
Jack Vettriano Picnic Party (Detail) Print

Anyway, once I hung them, I got carried away with a project that was waiting for my husband's help.
That's what he gets for globe trotting without me! (Could Kentucky be considered globe-trotting?) (maybe if you're from India?) (I'm not in India. Maybe he's only State-hopping...) (Regardless, he's too far for my tastes. But then I think that when he goes to work!)

Would you like an update on the Spontaneity Planning?
Here's evidence of a few of our successes:

Zachary making dinner for the two of us!

The other three made their own pizza's :-)

Clayton making cookies - ON HIS OWN!

The Lord has been faithful to us - even when I've failed.
I am grateful for our little victories, and I will praise HIS name!
Keep prayin'!



Mama K. said...

Wow! You've done A LOT with the house since we were there last and in such a short time! I love the color on the walls (particularly the greenish color in the living room since that's what we had before we moved). :) It makes me want to get in and paint again...I just need some free time!...ohh well...someday.

All of the furniture and decor look really nice--the couches, the rug, the pictures and the mirror above the fireplace. I'm very impressed! Great job! Hope you have a great time with Mom & Dad there this week.

Love, Momma K.

Faith Alterton said...

Analene - where did you find those prints? They are great! I've never heard of him before, but then, I'm not very art-literate. I love the one of the girl with the beach chair!

Momma Bug said...

I got them at Michael's!

Don't you love them?
The price seemed right at half of $12.00.

The Diane Story said...

I am proud of your Spontaneity Planning Analene. Looks like fun! Well, I miss you while you are visiting with family...but I will be checking for the latest blogs!

Love ya.

2homeschool said...

Simply Marvelous Darling, Simply Marvelous.

When Are you coming to my house to paint? No I wont make you do a FULL wall mural again... Although VERY tempting! I love your drawings/paintings. You need to post some of YOUR drawings, dear. YES you do!


Uncle and Auntie Hightower <> said...

Oh my Oh my!!! SUCH GOOD TASTE YOU HAVE SIS! I miss our little Loves! I miss you all. It is simply grand to get to see what you are all up to. I was excited to see that Clay was making cookies!!! And Zachary, that Pizza looked JUST WONDERFUL TASTY!!! I love you all so much! Keep up the GREAT work! ALL OUR LOVE, Nick and Moll<><
Hi little Love Girls!!! kisses!

Uncle and Auntie Hightower <> said...

OH I AGREE WITH HEATHER TOO BY THE WAY SIS!!! I do miss seeing your GREAT tellent of art!!!!! If you put some on, I will put on some of what I have done last...?!!! =)