Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Eww - A Memoire

Suzanne posted a very understandable "Eww" today.
It made me think of the time when we had just moved into our country house.
Not exactly a tightly sealed abode, although there was a roof over our heads.

That was the Summer of the Snakes.
I won't give you all the snake stories of that Summer, but one of the most memorable.

One day I was minding my business (literally) in the bathroom, when Zachary, then age two and a half came in to show me what he had discovered.
Wriggling between his fingers was a big red worm (or so I thought).
Upon further inspection I decided that it was TOO wriggly for a worm, and too RED to be a night crawler.

(And here's where I can relate to you Suzanne)

I didn't wanting him holding it (I had never seen a snake this little, OR red, for that matter) so I didn't know (and still don't) what kind it was.
I wanted to tell him to "drop it, drop it, drop it!" but wasn't liking the thought of a snake loose in the house!

Of course, it had already been loose in the house since that's where Zack found it...

Ugh! There was no alternative but to collect my wits!

I did too, and am proud to say that I got a container in record time and we deposited his prize for a later show-and-tell with Daddy!

That was a fun Summer! Sometime I'll tell about the Gopher snake in the eaves, or the King snake lying across the front door...

Another time:-)


Suzanne said...

A not so well sealed country house? We've lived in one too. I guess I should count it a blessing we only had garter snakes, and they never came in the house- just bugs...lots of them.

The snakes were playthings to the children. (there's another photo I should dig up and post!)

I loved this story:)


Faith Alterton said...

Oh man, Analene. I'm good with anything with fur. Or that stays sealed in it's little home (fish, hermit crab) but the scaled-wigglies are just yucky! I'm getting braver since getting a Audobon insect guide (Hannah suggested it, saying that you guys have a set and like it.) But I'm so, SO greatful that we haven't seen any snakes here yet! Have fun with the family!
Love, Faith