Saturday, April 26, 2008


Gramsie and Pops arrived late Wed. night, so they were here to be discovered in the morning (at the crack of dawn)!
They were well received, YES they were!

Yesterday we went to the Denver Museum, and enjoyed walking through the Gold exhibit.
The boys enjoyed the Gemstone exhibit, and what we really went for... The DINOSAURS!

We thought it was a great museum! Really had a good time!
We didn't read any of the propaganda in the "prehistoric" exhibits- at lest not out loud.
It is absolutely astounding what is printed as indisputable fact! Just amazing!

Anyhow, I digress. Gramsie brought some special things for my Little Bugs (as seen here)

Great fun was had by all, and mostly we are so much enjoying having our beloved folks here!


Uncle and Auntie Hightower <> said...

Oooooooooh!!! I LOVE THOSE VISITORS!!!! PLEASE tell Jim and Sally I LOVE them soooo SOOOO MUCH! I MISS THEM TOO!
Love you sis! =)
Ps...The book came yesturday!!! Nick and I are so excited...We need to read it up, beacause we are planning to start it this Tuesday. We will see if we are ready by then... I love you all! Have a wonderful time (as I am sure that you will) with your amazing, wonderful, beautiful visitors!!! =)

Sara said...

Yes of corse I remember you! You and your family all be it small at the time were a big blessing to the neighborhood. Glad to see and read about all you new (well new to me) little ones. The clan here in chico are all doing fine. I also found your blog on mama loves papa's blog. If you would email is . It's good to hear from you and god bless.

2homeschool said...

Hi Gramsie, Hi Pops!

Those pictuers are just wonderful!!! They are good enough to be framed Lene! I love them.

Hope you all have a wonderful time with your visiters.


Ps. God's word is infallible. Eventually they will be proved wrong. They use to teach the world was flat ya know!