Thursday, April 10, 2008

Susanna Glory, I Love You!

THIS is Susanna.
Sometimes we call her Susie.
Sometimes Sue.
Sometimes Susie Q.

Sue is the biggest sister.
She is a wonderful momma to her babies and little sisters.

Susanna is very serious and introspective.
She is a lot like her brother Zack - in many ways.

One thing you will notice about Susanna right away is that she likes pink.
Actually she LOVES pink! My family tells me that I was that way about green when I was her age, but I never would have believed anyone could be this stuck on one color until her.

This is Sue with her new shoes.

Here's a close up of the shoes. Notice the color?
Add a little silver and sparkles in there and you have perfection!
Now Sue wants to wear shoes all day long, but not just any shoes...

Only new pink ones.

I love Susanna:-)


The Diane Story said...

Go Susanna! I love pink too...almost as much as purple! I just got a pink blow dryer and a pink hair straightener. Susanna would love them! LOL.

SarahJane said...

what a sweetie-pie. I can not believe we have not seen you all since Susanna was a baby. Crazy! So, I know I have not posted in a while. Posts are coming....don't worry. I think I will make up for my lack in the next couple days!

Suzanne said...

I love how she crinkles her nose when she smiles:)

Serious and introspective...good descriptive words.

Hey- we have that same tea set!

Morgan said...

She is SOOO gorgeous! I've always admired all of her pictures. How old is she?

Momma Bug said...

Morgan Thank you:-)

You are very gracious! I think so myself, but know I'm a little predjudiced.
Susanna is three and a half, and I'm always amazed that she is MY daughter - where did she get those dimples, for instance?
AJ is very good looking (in my opinion) so I know where some of her genes came from;-)

I hope you get a daughter some day. It really is fun to have both sons and daughters. They are SO DIFFERENT!!!