Sunday, October 26, 2008

The Lamp Maid

Sparkly glass
cotton wick
Stately globe reflecting sunlight

waiting in the kitchen window
poised for use
prepared for night.

Sunshine boasting brilliant radiance
mocking the unlit maid

Little he knows the comfortable warmth
of a dancing flame on parade.

She's not the only lamp, you see,
to spill her light at Evening's Ball

When she arrives the gentlemen harken
three or more in all.

Modestly blushing she curtsies low
then raises her eyes to see

The moon nod his head,
and darkness cower
she watches every shadow flee.

Her dance card fills with willing partners
the lovely lamp for a while is queen.

Then music fades
and guests depart
her luster dims in morning's gleam.

Sparkly glass
cotton wick
stately globe reflecting sunlight

waiting in the kitchen window
poised for use
prepared for night.

By: Lil' Ol' Me.
(Though I am not a poet, and I know it
- I couldn't help it... inspration struck!)

Can you help me come up with a better title?
I'm not too fond of this one.
C'mon Ashley and Emily,
I'm depending on you here! :-)


Lady Jess said...

How pretty!

Ashley said...

Hmmm, I will try and think of one. Though Emmy might beat me to it. :-)

sallyjanelove said...

Your gift was lovelier than ours--loved the poem; loved the title; love the poet...

Momma Bug said...

MOM!!! This is a momentous occasion - your first comment to ever grace my blog!

Thank you Mom:-)
I do feel loved, and thoroughly enjoyed the special gift tucked in full of care... just for me (and AJ too, of course!)

Having your comment on my post was like a shadow taking form - thank you again!!!

Love you too,

Angela said...

Your poem is so lovely...

Suzanne said...

No WAY!!!! I was waiting to read who the author was thinking, "ooo, she must have some nice, old book!"

That was so good, Analene, and the pics were perfect. You continue to amaze me:)

Momma Bug said...

Awe... Thanks Suzanne!
You made me blush:-)

Diane said...

I agree with Suzanne. Those were my thoughts too!

VERY NICE work Analene.

Diane said...

Flames of Night-Light

Dancing Flames

Dancing Flames of Night

At Night Fall or As Night Falls

Those are my ideas of titles. You don't have to like any of them...but since no one had suggested any yet, I'd thought I'd take a stab at!

Love ya.

Faith Alterton said...

Lovely. How about "Waltzing With Twilight" or something like like that? I love firelight too!