Wednesday, April 8, 2009

And They FIT!

I am super excited! It's only taken me six babies to figure out how to dress myself when I'm bulging at the seams.
Actually I haven't figured it out, but have been finding some things that work for me.

First of all, I am a jeans an T-shirt kind of gal. They are basic pieces that are comfortable and affordable and don't need special laundering or ironing. (Is that considered prudent or lazy?)
I discovered that one can often find better options when NOT looking in the maternity section!

For instance... I was at Target the other day and was thrilled to find a handful of colored T-shirts in the women's section that were very long (Specifically the Mossimo brand). Granted that's the style now, but I want to stock up because those long T-shirts look and feel much nicer to me than the tents in the maternity section!
Not only that, but I can wear them going UP in size and coming back DOWN after the baby is born.

I also found a pair of pants I love at TJ Maxx and want you pregnant gals (who wear pants) to take a look at this site where I found them in another color, because they are not maternity pants either, but are very comfortable and that Bella Band I bought makes up for the low ride. (By the way, that low riding elastic is what makes these work for a growing belly.)

So if you are in need of shirts that cover the belly, Target is the place today - AND at the tune of six to eight dollars a pop. I wore one today, with a long tank top for an under layer (also extra long and found at Target) and love love loved it!
I'm so happy:-)


Diane said...

I didn't get to comment today, but I thought you looked SO cute. I was admiring your outfit at the Bible Study. Good job, you look adorable!

petersonclan said...

Are the shirts tight? That whole mixing with whatever makes them form fitting kills me. I'm just a bit "fluffy" these days. Ahem.

Grace McHugh said...

Pictures, my dear, we need pictures of you in these wonderful outfits. :) It is so great to have you back in blog format. I would prefer the real things but this is good too.

princessmama said...

I agree, give us pictures! lol...

Momma Bug said...

I am no model! (okay... I'll try;-))
Uh... these shirts are rather form fitting. It'll definitely be a taste preference, and I only prefer "form fitting" during certain seasons of the pregnancy, but right now it feels good to still wear my "normal" clothes.
Seriously though... I feel so pregnant and have another FOUR weeks to go to get to the half-way 20 week mark! This is worrying me. I expect it to be a long next five and a half months at this rate!!!
What's your experience here Carri?