Saturday, April 18, 2009

Memories and Memory Making

Daddy wanted to take the Bugletts for a walk today and I decided to go with them. Especially in light of our more recent blog conversations - er(cough cough) ahem ;-)

Have you seen the old Robbin Hood movie with Errol Flynn?

AJ and I grew up playing in Bidwell park where that oldie-goldie was filmed,
and that's where we walked today.

The whole Sacramento Valley used to be covered in oaks like this.

AJ used to skate through Lower Park all the time and often rode his bike on the North Rim Trail in Upper Park. When he and I were "just friends" we took our deck or cards, lunch, and long visits under these trees fairly often.
Lots and lots of special memories here:-)


Diane said...

What a perfect fun adventure that must have been! Keep the pictures coming. Our park is such a hidden treasure, isn't it?
My grandpa was there during the filming of Robin Hood and told me SO many stories. Special memories there for me too!

Grace McHugh said...

I love the oaks and the green!!!! Lush, fabulous green!! Thank you for taking such relaxing pictures.

Catherine Anne said...

Beautiful post, beautiful Family,
We too go out on family walks/hikes. Its such great memories for the children and the parents to take with them. -