Thursday, April 30, 2009

One Full Day, and Two Sweet Memories

One morning spent on schoolwork.
Rest of day spent fully enjoying precious friends at their home.
Quiet evening home (everyone else out still), and a dinner of whole wheat bread sandwiches and bananas!
Everyone in pajamas before seven.
An evening walk together through the Rose garden, and here's my delight...

Zachary takes me on a tour. Gently fingering the petals of first one Rose and then another he tells me: "Mom, this one is our Las Lina's Red. Isn't it beautiful? Gramsie loves this one over here; and this one is called Sun Sprite! That one mom? That's Abraham Darby - just like the bigger bush in the front. I LIKE this tree rose mom, it's called Baby Blanket. I'd like to take a cutting of it to Idaho, but it won't be a tree of course, just a shrub if we take a cutting. Oooh! I think this might be another Splish-Splash! My Rose is The Fourth of July - isn't it spectacular this Spring?!"
He has a green thumb, that boy. And his Gramsie is out in the garden every morning at the crack of dawn with her coffee in hand enjoying each new specimen. Zack is an early riser and is usually at her side asking a million questions, and soaking in every piece of information. If we take some starts with us to Idaho I will be relying on my Zachary to know how to care for them and which one is which.

One more short story: Not ALL my children have an eye for which growing thing is which.
Today my children discovered that Auntie Heather's front "flower bed was entirely full of Peppermint. It was one of four things growing in that space and covered every square inch that the one large shrub and two spindly plants did not.
Zachary and Clayton grabbed several handfuls of the dark aromatic leaves and began to chomp away at them. Before long all the children were putting mint leaves in their mouths, and the boys even collected some to make tea with at home.
I noticed that Susanna was ripping of a bite of something with a larger, brighter green leaf.
It turned out to be one of the two tiny survivors in Auntie Heather's "flower" bed - a Hydrangea plant.
and stem
were in Sue's hand and mouth!

I don't understand at all. I really don't. The ENTIRE bed was full of Peppermint, and she pulls out the only Hydrangea bush that was growing there!
I am SO glad that Auntie is quick to laugh because it was worth a good chuckle. Chuckle we did! I guess some have it, and some do not :-P

I'm glad AJ will be home tomorrow night. I'm ready.


Caseybumpinalong said...

How blessed your kids are to have a gramsie to walk thru the garden with! We live next door to my MIL, and she loves to stroll around the houses looking at flowers, too.

Mommy Reg said...

Awesome! Just awesome. :)

Diane said...

Well, she must love the color, you know!

princessmama said...

I loved reading about Zachary giving you a tour of the roses :) It sounds so much like something Brannon would do.

And Sue-- oh my... It takes them a while to figure out what is what, lol. I asked my sister's permission to give Haylie a taste of miner's lettuce last time they were here. We were out taking a walk. She said sure. I then followed it with a mint leaf, then a dandelion leaf. Haylie chewed dutifully and said yum each time, LOL. Then pretty soon she bends down and picks a random leaf from a plant on the ground a stuck it in her mouth. I quickly rescued her, teehee. I always had to watch my boys like a hawk cause I would let them eat edible leaves and they'd pick up anything to eat... :-)

Joshua is my green thumb. He loves getting seeds for his birthday. Now the weeding-- not so much... ;-D

Lady Jess said...

lol What a silly goose!