Thursday, April 16, 2009

To Clear Up Any Misunderstanding...

Clearly some of my recent commenter's are confused about why I bake.
It just so happens that I bake for my pleasure in EATING what I make, but if it would make you feel better, I can move the first ingredient "3 Cups of sugar" down to the bottom of the list where it's less obtrusive.

Now. I know that one can bake richly healthy, (supposedly) satisfying, sweet, and perhaps chocolaty (assuming you don't try to substitute carob) (!) concoctions all while being conscious of ones length and quality of life. But... I ask, what is duration of life without quality? As my husband regularly reminds me:

"You're going to die of SOMETHING..."

So apropos (if lacking finesse).
But if you insist, there's always THIS option: Several spadefuls of rich garden soil mixed liberally with water. It's low carb, low cal, AND high in minerals.

(beware though - it is rather... um. "BLACK" Says Sue)

If you prefer a more classic style recipe, try a few pinches of (organic) grass clippings in your water.

The trick here is to use only pure, unchlorinated well water. It can be very hard to get, so good luck!
Pour into a recycled Strauss Family yogurt container (only the best!) and VIOLA!
*consume at your own risk.

Now you can't say I'm not conscientious of my cooking. My girls can concoct and whip up these treats in a flash! I must be doing SOMETHING right ;-P


princessmama said...

That bread looks so yummy! I'm with you all the way on the more chocolate thing. My mom is always halving the chocolate chips where I will double, at least. LOL

I love your girlies outdoor "cooking" So cute!!! :)

Jess said...

Eat less to live longer to eat more, there is a flaw in that logic ;) Life without chocolate is no kind of life.

Diane said...

But the REAL question is....did you TRY their concoctions? LOL

Momma Bug said...

No way. Not enough chocolate;-P

Lady Jess said...

lol Gotta love it when kids make their own little 'masterpieces', right?

jenny said...

Clearly this was directed at someone specific...

Oh I UNDERSTAND!!! I can most certainly forgive your food delinquencies b/c of your current condition...and will not get into a scuffle over it as I will surely lose. :)- Your husband's poor logic is not necessary. tee hee So keep your 10 pounds of white sugar death at the top and I'll work on revising this recipe for postpartum. ;)

Now,those organic, all natural recipes the girls are whipping up, all right! Proof that the Lord can work in spite of their momma. HA!

Now go eat some green veggies right now!

Life throws you surprises! said...

lol....i didn't even notice the amount of sugar. I thought the recipe sounded yummy. Well put on enjoying life!

Momma Bug said...

Jenny, you're a big MEANIE!


Jana said...

Personally, I prefer your recipe to your girls'...but don't tell them I said that! ;)

I am looking forward to seeing you again!