Thursday, April 9, 2009

It's Raining Today...

It's raining
The sky is gray

The light is dim
The colors muted...

It's raining today
Weather matches my mood
Emotions expressing themselves in wet saltiness
Swollen eyes...

It's raining today
Hear the music in my head
Hushed calm in the house

Turn my eyes outward...

Outside the window
Outside myself

Out where the water refreshes the earth

The roses look up
The leaves look up
All bend under the weight

And my heart looks up...

ht of sorrow
Weight of hope
Weight of knowledge (or lack thereof)

Weight of droplets round and clear

The scene transfixes me

Drawing me out...

I look closer

And closer still
The water gathering
Gathering in pools, puddles, drops...

Takes me deeper to see

The reflections,
The light...

What first appeared as gra
y sadness is now seen in
Upside down


My heart leaps!
Ahhh... peace.

The earth rejoices in the rain

It knows

The heavy wetness

Brings growth

It's raining today... And that's good.

I will be content...
To let it rain.

(for you, my dearest Mother... with love, Analene)


Jana said...

Hmmm. I can identify with those feelings. What a lovely poem.

Diane said...

Analene. I'm so proud of you. That touched my heart. You, Analene, are such a blessing and inspiration. I miss you, even though I have been getting a good amount of time with you. I love you.

Lady Jess said...

Oooh, what a pretty interpretation of rain!

princessmama said...

Beautiful :)

Ashley said...

A beautiful poem!

On another note... I was thinking, you guys should come to our church while your in CA! We would love to see you!

Love, me