Friday, April 17, 2009

One More Point for MY Team!

Dear Jenny. Yes YOU. Smack-talker to emotional pregnant women;-)
Or namely one.
-Pregnant woman that is.
OK... me. I'm the emotional pregnant woman since you had to ask!

No one in my family has died of sugar yet (I realize there's still time), and I also realize that quality of life due to eating chocolate and sipping Java Chip Frappaccino's and mocha's has an actual duration of one to three hours at best. It's a very NICE three hours, but suffice to say the long-range effects are not the ones I experience in that time period. I admit it. I know the truth, and STILL... I eat sugar, hydrogenated cream, and caffeine. Not only that, but I unblushingly own that I like my Safeway Rocky Road ice cream and will probably continue to eat it (just ask Courtney or Heather).

However... That being said, I am extremely desirous of feeling better, less tired, achy, and grouchy. A combination of things provoke these tendencies perhaps, but I know what I should do, and that is the hard thing.
How come the right thing is usually the hard thing?
Anyway... I digress. There is a personal war here I think many can relate to, and I know that in the joking and grinning we cringe at our own lost battles, and sympathize with the failings of our dear sisters as well.
I cheer for their efforts.
I cry for their losses.
I understand their determination.
I believe in their reasons.
All for the glory of the Lord God as we strive to honor Him with every lovely thing He has blessed us with.
And I raise my overflowing cup with joy and laughter, knowing He WILL be glorified in us as we seek Him over everything else!
-Even if that cup is filled with mocha;-)

That being said, I would LOVE for each to share their victories with ME. I need more practical help - even though I've done this (being pregnant, tired, and emotional) a couple times before.
So tell me, Jenny... how did YOU get through tired groggy pregnancies with grace and mercy?
Tell me Carri...
Tell me Jess...
Tell me Mother Hen...
Tell me Courtney........
How? What? Tell me more...

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ...... . . . ... ... . .. . . .. .. . ..................................

Today I had the most lovely surprise! My sister Molly and her husband Nick dropped in for an afternoon of visiting with their new pup Cali. What a delight! We sat on the porch under the Wisteria and Roses sipping tea and watching children run wild in the yard.
Later in the afternoon we were joined by my Brother Charlie and his family (including two more dogs) and the porch chairs filled, and the yard became even more wild (in a delightful sort of way). Charlie's family and my friend Diane joined us for dinner this evening, which is where I get the point of my post title. The children and I made a Chinese dinner for "school" today since we have been learning a tiny bit about that country, and that included dessert (not actually Chinese that I know of) which was a Coconut milk Custard.
That's what this post was to be about: that custard-that-wasn't-Chinese-but-was-made-for-the-Chinese-dinner-we-did-for-school-etc-etc-etc...
Anyway, the dinner turned out lovely. Edible anyways, and the Coconut dessert we could take or leave, BUT here is the point. Yes "THE" point: IF you like custard, this was a very high protein low sugar dilly that even Jenny would have no need to alter.
The recipe here as follows:


  • 5 large eggs
  • 3 tablespoons of honey (or 1/3 cup rapadura or sugar if you're not into honey)
  • 1 cup coconut milk*
  • 1/2 teaspoon vanilla
  • Options: add a little cinnamon or nutmeg during or after baking. My photo shows a dusting of cinnamon but I usually skip this and let the natural coconut flavor prevail.


Preheat oven to 325 degrees. Place rack in center of oven. Beat eggs, honey, and coconut milk until frothy. A stick blender works perfectly fine as well.

Pour mixture into 8" by 8" baking dish or individual ramekins/containers. Place in larger pan filled with hot water. Water should be halfway up the sides of baking dish. Bake 30-45 minutes or until knife inserted in center comes out clean. Be careful not to overbake. If serving hot, spoon into dishes; if serving cold, allow mixture to cool before cutting into squares.

Notes from me:
*It was an easy recipe to make.
*We used Honey.
*I doubled it for my family size since four servings wasn't going to cut it!
*AND I was pleased that this is one more high protein food for Carolina and myself because of all the eggs! How cool is that?
So in the interest of preserving my friendship with Miss Jenny in Colorado, I scored me a point today making a healthy-ish treat for my family. Don't you think I earned it?!

Love you Jenny!


Mommy Reg said...

Ha ha, I have been reading all the comments of the last few posts just chuckling to myself. The recipe makes 3 loaves so it isn't really that much sugar. BTW it looks like a yummy recipe. I love pumpkin bread and have made several types.
I actually had to stay completely off sugar for several years, I learned how to adjust recipes and reduce sugar. For this one, I would actually use half of what was called for and use granulated fructose instead. (costs almost the same as sugar) Then I would add half apple sauce and half the oil. This will reduce your sugar and fat content. Then I would probably add some brewers yeast and wheat germ to the mix to give it some added nutrition. But using whole wheat flour is not something I would do with this because it would kill the soft texture. Did that help you? However, I would never scrimp on the chocolate. :) And I also love my frappuccinos too. When I am preggers, I try to limit my coffee to just one a day and then try to do half reg/half decaf.
Sweety, take each small victory and rejoice in those. Each step is closer than you were. I want to type more but this got way long. :)

heidi said...

Nourishing Traditions is a great cookbook. I used to teach childbirth...Bradley and was involved as a LLL leader. I USED to be all natural and sugar free and yadda, yadda, yadda (I try to stay organic these days or grow my own)...but after 5 kids and common sense you start to realize...everything in moderation, we still watch the sugar intake. When I'm pregnant, my caffeine I have to quit cause It's too hard for me to limit myself. Sometimes you just gotta feed that fix. (food related) OR if you keep skirting it, you will overindulge until the fix is met. That's worse in my book... Hey Bradley taught me if you're going to have a candy least pick one with nuts for the protein....LOL!!! So in my book that Rocky Road Ice Cream is just the ticket. HA! You've got milk and nuts!! Too funny.

As to how what effects baby via pregnancy/nursing...I refer you to Dr Jack Newman, MD and Dr Thomas Hale....

sorry that was my professional side surfacing. ;o)

jenny said...

Mommy Reg is right, it isnt as bad as I made it sound with a cup of sugar per loaf. :) White sugar makes me cringe. You are also talking to the woman whose children have never had candy. :) I usually adjust my recipes down and replace with Rapadura, and use whole wheat, even if it makes it heartier. But even Rapadura is still sugar. When I am pregnant, all bets are off and I have to eat what sounds good or I will puke, even before the food touches my lips. So if pumpkin bread sounds good, I will eat it, thanking the Lord with every bite that I was able to eat SOMETHING! :) Really, no judgement here, emotional pregnant woman. I TOLD you, I will save this for when you are NOT pregnant anymore! :D You are loved. And that coconut recipe looks fun. too bad i can't stand coconut,except in girl scout cookie samoas. WAIT, DID I JUST WRITE THAT??????

Momma Bug said...

Thanks gals... I feel better;-)
Since I finally got my Wonder Mill (YAY Jenny! Say "YAY" with me!)I am very excited to substitute whole wheat in everything I try. The soft white (I think)) is better for pastry flour, so will use that for my quick breads.
In defense of my integrity, I DON'T feed my children as I allow myself to eat. However... staying at Gramsie's makes it interesting to defeat puppy dog eyes - whoever they belong to!
In the coffee realm, I don't even drink one a day. The sugar That could use some adjustment. Hmmm...
I've been enjoying checking out the Brewers Diet (Courtney), and do have the Nourishing Traditions book Heidi. I doubt I'll find a three cups of sugar recipe in there, but have been enjoying reading through little at a time. Do you have that one Jenny?
Once in Idaho our diet will change once again, and it will be easier to feed everyone better. Back to no sugar for the children. (As it is, their refined sugar intake is very minimal).
OK. I feel better now.
I'm going to eat something green and raw, and then if a mocha seems necessary...
So be it!

Grace McHugh said...

I am so enjoying this back and forth posting. Yes, sitting back while enjoying my cup of Constant Comment tea laced with honey. Oh I miss you Analene. I am just giggling over your blog, your posts and the comments. Keep it up.

Andi said...

I am so confused. Where are you?

Momma Bug said...

I'm "in town" Andi. That would be YOUR town. Want to go to the park?

Grace, want to come with us? You may have to plan a week or so in advance;-)
I miss you too. I'm glad if I can entertain a bit - I do what I can to please my friends (even if they don't like coconut! How was I to know that?).
I love the picture of the children and Kevin on the tailgate!!!

Love love love and miss miss miss YOU and yours!

All my heart,

jenny said...

So, can we be on the same team now???? ;)

Ashley said...

He he... :-)

So, knowing you were "in town", I asked Mattie last Thursday if she had seen you guys. She hasn't! I told her she needs to. :)

Charlie and Hannah came to church on Easter. Micah is SO CUTE!

Momma Bug said...

YES. Jenny. I'm pretty sure we've been on the same team all along:-)

I like to see sparks fly every now and again, so don't feel bad.
I love ya!

Diane said...

Momma Bug,

Does this mean if I come to Idaho, I am going to be limited on my sugar intake?! What would I do? lol
I will still need my yummy baked goods ya know! lol.
Actually, you will have to show me how you baked on the bbq!

Love you,