Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Seasonal Allergies... O' Glorious Spring!

Such is the price one pays for living where everything grows so happily. I hadn't forgotten exactly, but lets say I am remembering in full force the effects of blooming grass and trees.
My nose is a little raw from non-stop dripping and that's the pits, but the itchy eyes, nose, and throat, along with wheezy, rasping breaths make me truly sorry for sufferers of asthma and other maladies.
There is nothing like the Northern California Springtime though, so I thought the Smiths, Tjaden's, and our other far-away friends might like to see the home we were grown from. We've been wishing you each were here to share it with:-)

This is a drive-by shooting of our last (and very beloved) little home. We stopped in and met the new folks and I am secretly happy to say that they bought the "to-do" list that came with that house and three and a half acres, and it turns out that they are about as "fast" at checking things off it as we were!

The Sacramento River

This is part of the drive between our place and town. Always been a favorite drive to take along the foothills even before we moved out there. I grew up at the edge of land like this and I love it! I am afraid it's true... I'm a valley girl;-)


Andi said...

Yes, I love the country around here too, but NOT the allergies! I have to take meds for them every afternoon, then pass out on the couch for a couple hours. There is no such thing as "non-drowsy" antihistamines!
(The pics you posted of the countryside are beautiful!)

Caseybumpinalong said...

Wonderful pictures! We are in the Carolinas, too, where Spring is springing everywhere, and I am pouting while stuck inside with the most miserable allergy attacks I've had in years (apparently I've grown immune to all the OTC stuff). But I am inspired to suck it up and go out and snap some pics of spring after seeing your post. It won't last for long. Thanks for sharing!

Caseybumpinalong said...

Oops, must have been reading thru my allergies this morning, you said California, not Carolina.

Grace McHugh said...

Now I know why you have that accent. ha ha ;)

I am so looking forward to spring. Thank you for sharing the beauty of California. You do not see that ever in the news.

pinamarie said...

Local honey works!!! I am telling you...I wasnt a believer until I tried it last year. My allergies were still present but not nearly as bad so I hardly ever had to take something. Someday when you are living in a more permanent situation, try it. Eat tablespoons of local honey a day.

Shauna said...

Oh 'Lene, you make me ache for home! Thankyou for at least giving me a glimpse of it in pictures.

princessmama said...

Uuugh! I feel for you :( Love ya :)
Beautiful countryside tho.

Lady Jess said...

Ooh, gotta love the newly founded greenness!

Ashley said...

I always love the drive out to Corning. It's beautiful, no mater what season! Thanks for sharing your beautiful pictures!

Diane said...

Good pics Analene! Just like we were commenting today, what a view we have on our drives around here!

We need to get some pics together next time we hang out!

I love you!

Momma Bug said...



Casey, my friend Mrs. Smith is in the Carolina's. I'd love to see some of those pictures if you take some!:-)

Honey huh? I think I've heard that.
I like spoonfuls of honey... I could see doing that;-)

So Shauna, you recognize that barn?
Ashley has it nailed!


Katie said...

Wow you can make a girl miss home:-( I can't wait until I can enjoy a California spring time again. We are headed to Chico this weekend for Easter. I was wondering if you would have time on Saturday to meet up with the kids and catch up. Maybe at Caper Acres or something?


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