Thursday, April 23, 2009

Egg Rolls

Ugh. I ate too much!

(short post, short post, gotta make it short so I can go to bed... sleep off some of this food!)

I made stir fry and egg rolls for dinner followed by strawberries (4 lbs. for $5.00 at Safeway!) and whipped cream. I know. More sugar. What can I say?

OK, back to the egg rolls.

Egg Rolls:

One package egg roll wrappers.

Thinly slice about half a cabbage.
Add grated carrots (maybe 1/3 to 1/2 cup)
Some ginger (fresh is best!)

Brown (in olive oil) one large boneless skinless chicken breast cut up into tiny pieces.
Add cabbage mixture and cook on High heat for a minute or two, stirring constantly.


Use your finger dipped in a little bowl of water to wet two edges of egg roll wrapper.
Place one large spoonful of cabbage and chicken mixture in the center of wrapper.
Fold in in three corners and roll the rest (being the moistened two sides).

To cook on stove, fill a shallow sauce pan with about an inch of olive oil.
Heat oil.
Place Egg Rolls into hot oil (beware of hot splattering oil!), and turn to finish when one side is browned.
Adjust heat as needed to keep your oil from getting over-hot.

Sweet and Sour dipping sauce:

1/3 cup vinegar (rice vinegar recommended. I used cider vinegar)
4 Tbs. brown sugar
1 Tbs. catchup
1 tsp. soy sauce.

Bring to boil while stirring.

Add while stirring, 2 tsp corn starch mixed into 4 tsp. cold water.


Diane said...

I am so glad you posted the recipe. I was going to ask for it. Those egg rolls were delicious!

jenny said...

yum! i am laughing at you saying it had to be short and then you posted recipes. ha ha ha you're fun.

heidi said...

oh those look so good and sound so yummy. I'm on my way. Save a spot. ;o) I think I've made egg rolls once in my entire life. I like making empanadas which are a little similar but a spanish version.

Life throws you surprises! said...

yours look awesome. Mine may not look great but they taste excellent.

Momma Bug said...

Thanks :-)