Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Grandmas Are My Kryptonite

It's true. That blog post about the pumpkin bread and three cups of sugar? That's nothin'! Try Grandma's galore (which is just peachy with me, and the children think they've died and gone to heaven!).
How that works out is like this:

Yesterday: I took the children to my Grama H's where her sister Aunt Rosie was visiting. She offered the children each "two chocolates apiece" (after graciously checking with me). This followed by "just one more", followed by "There are a few left in the bowl, you can divide the rest", and finally "how about just one peppermint?" and so on...
As you can imagine no one was happy about the proceedings!

And then...

This morning: Children bouncing off the walls, walls shaking, floors quaking, voices high and screechy (you know Jenny, there IS a fate worse than death for eating three cups of sugar)!
At breakfast I told the children we were going to purge the system and no more sugar at all through the rest of the week.
(because that's all I had the guts to commit to)

This afternoon: At my Grama F's house I served my children whole wheat bread for lunch. Grama gave me the look which told me in no uncertain terms that I am an incompetent and incapable mother if I don't put something on that bread - peanut butter, tuna, ham, anything. Somehow I won the argument if there was one (my powers for combat ting "the look" must have been pretty good at that time of day).
Then, however she proceeded to feed my children Strawberries.
In sugar.
And Potato chips (in which one of the first ingredients was sugar), and then cookies, followed by Neapolitan ice cream.
Whatever tactics I used earlier were no good now. I knew she made a special trip to the store for these goodies, and who is the hero? Obviously! And who looks like that green prune-faced old Grinch? Uh-huh.
Grama's are supposed to be grama's, and this is one of those things that mommas just have to live with. I admit (positively shamefully) that I fully enjoyed seeing my grama get to enjoy and bless my children. To me it is worth the aftermath I endure for the next few days as their little bodies go through shock and recovery;-)
I mean, you should have heard my grama laugh when a wide-eyed Clayton looked at his ice cream and said "And MOM said we wouldn't be allowed to eat any sugar for the rest of the week!"
(hopefully she didn't believe such horror) ;-P

Grama's are my Kryptonite. It's a weakness worse than a carton of Safeway Rocky Road ice cream in the freezer. How often do they get to be grama's, and when they ask so sweetly (and I remember the chocolates and peppermints from girlhood) I just can't help myself. I just can't. My resolve just melts and my lips are completely incapable of forming the words "no thank you" or "Absolutely NOT! Don't you know that sugar will ruin these children forever?!!"
It just doesn't seem important enough to remove such a little pleasure for such a dear dear person as grama. There is more to life I think.
And while I get to endure my punishment for the next few days, I feel privileged to share some of that "more" with my beloved grama's!


Ashley said...

That's what Grama's are for!

My Mom didn't feed me sugar when I was a baby. But on my first Easter, 9I was about 10 months) she caught my great aunt feeding my chocolate pudding. "But she likes it!" Well, she found out everyone had been giving me "just a bite" of this sweet or that sweet! Haha!

Grace McHugh said...

Grandma's are what memories are made of. Go Grandma!

jenny said...

Great pics, those are special ones!

Diane said...

Does this mean I can't show up with "special treats!" lol. No, I promise I won't. Don't mess with the pregnant woman, right? hee hee

Love ya!

Lady Jess said...

I know what you mean. Every time we go to my grandma's house it seems as if she had 'just finished filling up the candy jar.' lol